Speakout 5/10

Monday, May 10, 2004

Does anyone know about the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Miss Rodeo Queen Pageant? In the past they have only advertised it a month prior to the event and that doesn't give contestants enough time to get prepared for the pageant. Hopefully, they will advertise it sooner. Does anybody know anything about it?

The advertisements for the Miss Rodeo Queen Pageant will be published in the Standard Democrat starting on May 12.

I wish the government would start giving out commodities. The items that they gave were items that had to be cooked. At least me and other people that work every day would know that some fat hog would have to get up off the couch to prepare a meal. The food stamp program was designed as a temporary fix for families in need, not as a way of life. These people who abuse this are pathetic people who are really showing their children how to be somebody. The government probably won't do anything, so I wish local grocery stores would make some lines designated for cash or check only. I've noticed that a lot of people who get a food stamp card have trouble remembering their 4-digit number. I personally don't have all day to watch them make fools of themselves. One last thing. The people who eat for free shouldn't thank the government - they should thank me and everyone else who works for a living and be thankful to God that they live in this country. They would work or starve anywhere else.

The farmers should advertise in some of the varmint hunter magazines and internet forums telling them that they would like some varmint hunters to help with the problem. I am sure that there are plenty of varmint hunters in the state of Missouri and nearby states who would like to help eliminate the problem.