SpeakOut 12/30

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Call 471-6636

I found a gift on the street "To Benji from Grandma." Call 472-0596 and identify.

I think all places like Banner Medical, ContinuCare and other places where the disabled and senior citizens get their beds and breathing supplies (oxygen, nebulizers) from should, instead of throwing a big dinner for the doctors and clinics three or four times a year, they should buy their customers a small ham for Christmas because we are the ones who make their money because we use their products, not the doctors or nurses. They make at least $600 a month just off me by myself. Just think of what they make all year from all the people who have to have their products.

I want to comment about a store in Sikeston, the Leaping Frog. I bought a bag of nuts and paid for them. Before I got home, the lady at the store called and left a message to tell me the bag had been priced wrong and that she wanted to be sure I get a $3 refund. There are probably very few stores in the area that would do this. They should be commended.

To the city of Charleston, I don't like to look at trash and junk and I am worried we have a public nuisance in Charleston. Enforce the law, not just for one but for everyone in the city of Charleston, Mr. City Manager. It seems there is a different ordinance for the east side and west side. If you're going to do your job, do it right. If you want to see trash, go on South Main Street. This has been here for over a year. It seems you need to devote more time to bringing industry and new jobs and new business to the city instead of riding around in a city car to see whose licenses are expired. Don't you have people to do that?

I read in the paper and hear on the radio about people always wanting people to help charity and hungry kids in foreign countries. These same ones have been on there for years. What about us senior citizens who have worked hard all our lives and our bodies are now broken down? Where does their help come from? The government doesn't want to help since we got Bush and Holden in office. They just threw us away.

This is a personal message to my husband. I'm sure he will know who this is when he reads this. Even though your stuff is here and you're not, I hope that you're alive and well and have a merry Christmas.

Well, here it is, the day after Christmas. All the hustle and bustle is over with. But to tell the truth, Mrs. Claus and I were really hurt that our little farmer friends, not one of them, came out to get their baskets. We were worried that some of them would not have enough to eat over the holidays. But we understand. They don't ask for much or accept charity or handouts. Ho-ho-ho. But nothing went to waste. We gave it to the less fortunate who liked our help. If for some reason someone changes their mind, we still have some white beans and potatoes and there may be a few turnips left. First come, first served. You all be good farmers and don't try to take advantage of your help or the government because I'll see when you're naughty or when you're nice. If you're naughty, I might not be as good to you next year. Ho-ho-ho.