Speakout 10/1

Friday, October 1, 2004

Dan Rather and his media company believed their research was factual. Please explain why this situation is worse than the Bush Administration relying on faulty reports about Iraq. Which research did the most damage? Bush's blunder is destroying our country.

Yes, on Aug. 27, Ayatollah Sistani, the Muslim cleric, decided that our brave American marines, our intrepid fighters, would pull back from victory in Najaf, against the better judgment of American commanders. He also agreed to release al-Sadr, the leader of the terrorist gangs and let him walk free. More deadly mistakes. I never thought I'd see the day that an American citizen would say it's OK to grant power over our troops to any foreign person, entity, or the U.N. And anybody who would trust a lightweight like George Bush to turn that power over to someone other than the American military is a zombie, to put it politely. If you think that's racist, so be it.

I wonder if I could get some clarity. Claire McCaskill is running for governor and says she wants to crack down on child abuse. But yet she is running on the Democratic ticket, which supports partial-birth abortion. What worse abuse can you get besides taking the life of a child? Is she going to go against her party or is she speaking out both sides of her mouth like some of the other Democrat candidates? I hope you print this before the election.

I read where Mike Marshall said it is a shame the old First Baptist Church building had deteriorated to its present condition. I agree with that wholeheartedly. My two children, my husband and I were converted and baptized in that church. The last few years, I can hardly make myself go past the church, it has gone down so badly. I am sorry, but I will be glad when it's torn down. There will be a lot of good memories left in my heart.

Dan Rather says, "I'm sorry," but he didn't say what for. Some of us know he is only sorry for getting caught trying to throw the presidential election. He ought to be in jail.

I see where Dan Rather is back again. I was hoping for a dismissal. Enough is enough. He is getting by with this again. There should be jail time for people who fake President Bush's service. This is slanderous and against the law. He is a liar and a distorter of the truth in his broadcasts. He should not be allowed to do this again.

In answer to the person who said if you vote for Cheney you would be voting for the devil. If I see it right, Kerry and Edwards are of the devil. They are both for the same-sex marriage, besides, they are for killing babies in the womb. I'm sure God cries along with the babies as they are being killed in the womb. I am praying that God will bless us with President Bush again.

The presidential campaign is getting very, very nasty. I don't think Bush or Kerry can lead our country. Bush, we know. He's been in four years and can't run the country. He has our country in one hell of a mess. Our economy is going down every day, no jobs, more and more people are living in poverty. We will be living just like the people in Iraq in a few years because of his ignorance. We may not feel it right now, but we will. Look at the deficit. Foreign countries have no use for him. They are against Mr. Bush; that's the reason for the terrorists. When they have the debate, Mr. Cheney or someone better have everything written down for dummy Bush to say because he gets very tongue-tied and stutters. It is going to be very funny to watch him and see him look so stupid before the public. We don't have anyone really to vote for.