Speakout 5/11

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We should not have to apologize to Iraq. They should apologize to us. What Bush said in his speech about apologizing, they showed the people they had dragged out into the street, shot and killed every day. The woman they tortured and beat, now she's paralyzed. If anyone needs to apologize, it should be Iraq. Not us. We don't need to apologize.

I read the May 5 SpeakOut where someone is looking for a bicycle built for two. I have one for sale. Call me at 471-2331.

To the person who is looking for a bicycle built for two, I have a real nice one. Call 471-0563.

The destructive comments made against our president, such as Ron Greenlee made and a Democrat, are most offensive and damaging and cause many hard feelings, particularly among those fighting for our freedom. Doesn't he know that freedom isn't free? Obviously he and his children have not served our freedom in this way.

I am a concerned citizen of Highway 62 between Miner and Bertrand. I seldom ever see a highway patrolman. I have called them before. This must be a race track. I have called them before. It is now 10 p.m. and I witnessed a near-accident between a red Mustang and a Dodge 4-wheel drive Supercab pickup and there's a blue foreign vehicle. These cars pass by every day at least 70-80 miles per hour. I would like the highway patrol to do something about this.

I am about to graduate from Sikeston Senior High School and drive a 1972 Chevrolet pickup. I have a B average and hold two jobs, plus I mow people's yards. I am an active member of my church, play drums and have a band and am part of this community too. I try to keep myself busy. But I wish local businesses and gas pumps could make their prices go down or maybe offer a discount to young people who have to drive so much and have to do so much on top of their insurance and everything, just to keep driving and functioning to do what they have to do. Then to have to pay these outrageous prices. They don't have to be this high. It's ridiculous to have to pinch your pennies as a teen-ager. Maybe some of the merchants could think about this. Mom and Dad help out as it is, but it's a struggle to make money and you can't do it. But it's just a thought.

This is to the woman who comes to restaurants and then accuses management and other staff members of falsifying records and ripping off money, to the tune of $5 from old ladies who probably have more money than God. Quit coming in here and trying to take us for our money and make us look bad, when you are the one who knows you are wrong.

It amazes me how some people will call into SpeakOut wanting something, but yet they don't want to put their phone number in the SpeakOut column. They want the person who has whatever they want to put their phone number in SpeakOut.