Speakout 11/30

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What is happening to our society? We are enabling capable young people to sit on their butts and do nothing but be baby factories and beggars. I actually heard a woman say that she just about had her living made. When I asked what she meant, she said she was pregnant with her third child. Why bring another child into the world that you can't even support? It sickened me to think she was so proud. We need to educate these people - not make life easy. I used to be a single mom and worked three or four jobs just to get by. If you want to work, you can. Clean yourself up, dress neatly, speak with English and look for a job or two. This is a life cycle: food stamps, Medicaid, try anything to get disability, supplement checks, food banks, DAEOC, churches, WIC, free housing, electric and even going to beg for someone to pay your phone bill. Why not make these people work for these handouts? Christmas brings around even more begging and scrambling to put your child's name on trees at every church and bank you can find. Why not work to buy your child Christmas? One Christmas, I bought for one whole family When I delivered it, I was sickened. Her living room was packed with gifts. She had much more than my one child had. That was the last time. even when sickness or death comes to your family, you put cans everywhere, asking for more. Medicaid pays the medical but you want your gas, food and whatever else paid for, also. Capable young people should have to do community service to cover their costs. If we spend more money on making these people responsible, the world would be better off. I do have compassion for the sick and truly needy, but not for the lazy. God helps those who help themselves.

I know and understand there are a lot of non-religious believers out there in the world. That is your right as an American. Be thankful you have that right to choose to be religious or not. People in some countries don't have that right. You either believe in their gods or you die somehow. Here in America, it's not like that. Consider yourselves fortunate to be able to choose your religion. Whatever it is or isn't, that's your choice. If we continue to take everything out of the schools, the Christmas programs and the Constitution - isn't that taking away from our right to religion? I mean, sorry if we religious believers offend anyone here, but it's our right to be Christians if we choose. When you take things out of our religion, that's the same thing as taking away our religion. Now how fair is that to us? We are also Americans. It's a shame how all these atheists and non believers are trying to dictate our religion by making the courts take out things we believe in. If our religions bother you, deal with it! We have to deal with yours (or your lack of one).

This is to the person who wrote in the paper about the bullies on the school bus. As I recall, when I was little, we had a bully on our school bus. Enough was enough. I'm not suggesting that you tell your son or daughter to do this, but I "accidentally" turned around and gave the bully a black eye. Tell your child to stand up and do what he needs to do.