SpeakOut 7/14

Monday, July 15, 2002

Call 471-6636

Did you hear the pop singer, Anastasia, sing the National Anthem? She didn't even know the words to it. She sang, "Gave truth through the night," instead of "Gave proof through the night." I have no idea if she is of American origin or not, but if she's going to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner," I think she should learn the correct lyrics. Wouldn't you agree?

To the trouble maker and hard-boiled guy hollering that Noranda signed a contract that wasn't any good, most of us were just service station workers, farm laborers and people who couldn't make a living (you could live on it, but it was pretty poor), Noranda was a savior to us. We're glad to work here. Now we can buy new homes, new cars. It's a hot place to work but they pay good money. I'm glad to sign the contract. The last time they had a strike down here, some of the know-it-alls and hotheads tore up a lot of the company's equipment and a lot of dirty work and were trying to do away with jobs and get rid of them. Most of them didn't have a pot to pee in and a window to through it out of before they went to work for Noranda (not all of them, but most of them). I'm glad to work here.

This Adopt-A-Highway that wants volunteers to pick up trash, that is fine, but we have a lot of able young bodies in jail who could do that. Some have never worked and they need to pay for their bed and breakfast. Put a 3-foot chain on one leg and let the police control them. They spend a lot of time eating doughnuts and getting too fat to catch a crook. Some judge will rule that is too cruel on the prisoners. Maybe we need some judges to volunteer and pick up trash. Just a though.

I read the article about "Don't expect a check" in SpeakOut. When did public housing and Section 8 become free? I always thought you had to pay something when you run these things. Besides that, it sounds like this person is judge, jury and already got a verdict on these poor people. Why don't you get a life and quit being so jealous of these people getting a little help? It would all be taken care of in time.

I think a lot of you people who call for guns on airplanes have it all wrong. I really believe that once you show your ticket, the best thing is to strip down to strictly underwear. Traveling in your underwear will keep your jiggly fat butts down in that seat. I guarantee it.

I am calling about Charter Communications and the service I am getting from them. For the past two weeks all I've been able to get on my TV is snow and lines. You have to wait 12-15 minutes before they get you an operator. They claim their cable is so much better than satellite, but I'm beginning to wonder. They keep saying they'll take care of it but nothing has been done about it. I've called several times.

Hello out there in SpeakOut Land. I need your help. I need a part-time job. My Social Security doesn't go very far. Please respond. I'd appreciate it very much.

There is a local restaurant north of Sikeston that charges 43 cents for a glass of water. I've never had to pay for a glass of water. That shows that they are tight and stingy to the public. I hope you print this in the paper because 43 cents for a glass of water is ridiculous.