SpeakOut 3/3

Monday, March 3, 2003

Call 471-6636

I went and got groceries today and left my purse at the store. A lady named Jan saw that it was returned to me. She's a good Christian woman and I thank her with all my heart.

When I read "War isn't the answer," to the person who called this in, I would like to say thank you. When I read it, I laughed and laughed until I cried. I didn't know anyone could be so stupid. You have to dumber than a donkey - a deaf, dumb, blind donkey to make such stupid comments. I take it that you don't know what the word "freedom" means. There is a book called the dictionary. Go to the library (you do know what a library is), ask the librarian for this book. Then go to the "f's" and look up the word "freedom." The definition is: "not bound or controlled, to make free as in freedom of speech" (as in SpeakOut). I have the freedom to call you an imbecile. I wish you was in Iraq and called your friend, bin Laden, an imbecile. You would be a donkey without a tongue.

I want to thank the guys for delivering our paper. They are so kind. They bring it to my door when it's iced over like it is now and they know who we are. We really appreciate them.

I see where a lot of the schools are going broke. Where is all the lottery money going? I thought it was supposed to be going to the schools. I've bought cookies and so have a lot of my friends. Why isn't the lottery money and different tax money going to help the schools?

Why is there so much crime in this country? The answer is because they have taken God out of our schools, we have taken God out of our homes, they have taken God out of our courthouses, they have taken God out of our politics. Young people today in school and college are brainwashed. They can't teach God's word in school and college. They can't pray. In many situations they can't even wear a shirt that has messages of praising God or giving God credit. But the atheists can wear whatever they want to wear to school, bringing God down. There is only a small percentage of atheists in this country. Where are al the other people? The Supreme Court took prayer out of school in 1963. The nine judges in the Supreme Court made abortion legal and they have taken God completely out of the United States of America. This is the reason we're having so much crime, so much child abuse and the problems we're having with drugs in this country.

I am calling about an elderly lady in Morehouse who said money was stolen from them with the trash pick up. They ought to wake up. I'm a senior citizen, I'm 79 years old and my wife is 89, and we just got through an ordeal where a car dealer stole $2,000 from us and there isn't a thing we can do about it. So, have fun.

The original call was concerning a senior citizen discount, which is provided by the city of Morehouse for sanitation services. Call city hall for information on this discount. Have you contact the attorney general or Better Business Bureau about the questionable service of the car dealer?

Someone put that in SpeakOut about the big white church in Morehouse. Evidently the person thought it was a church looking for a pastor. It is not a church looking for a pastor. That building has been sold and is called the White House Inn now. It has been made into apartments. That is not a church and is not looking for a pastor. They just thought it would be good for a preacher who wanted to buy a place as if it's for sale. It is not.