Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Call 471-6636

I guess I'm getting old. I can remember when a local food chain had fast food service. When I was in there Sunday, we stood there 22 minutes before we got our sandwich. There was one man working the counter and they have three cash registers. They had 15 people waiting. These people who manage or own these places better wake up. There are other fast-food places in Sikeston.

Wouldn't it be great if the junkyard was open on Saturday? That way, we who get griped about having junk around our houses could haul it off in our spare time when we don't have to work. What ever happened to the people who used to haul junk off for others and then take it and sell it? What ever happened to them?

I am so sick of people driving through traffic with a cell phone to their ear. Why don't they stop to make their phone call? Heaven knows it takes both hands on the wheel to drive defensively. How about ticketing these idiots when they're doing this and endangering other people's lives?

I'd like to compliment Republican Donald Rumsfeld for taking time out the other day at a news conference to show support and appreciation for former President Bill Clinton. Rumsfeld acknowledged that Clinton had kept our Army and armed services up to date and kept the technology that is needed to fight this terrorist war that is upon us at this time. Without the armed services being in a ready condition, we would not have been able to do such a wonderful job and would not be able to protect our sons and daughters who are fighting for us.

I went to a local store on Saturday to have my oil changed. They charged me $18.74 and did not change my oil. My husband discovered it when he got home and I just want to make everyone aware to watch for things like this.

Sorry, caller. We cannot name the business, but do suggest you speak with the store manager about this situation.

This is in response to the Feb. 5 SpeakOut. There are three things in here about checkout lanes, where a large store in Sikeston says "20 items or less." If people would read below that, it says for certain times of the day. Some of them are from midnight until noon and some are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If they would pay more attention to that, I'll bet they will find they are express lanes.

This is to the editor of the paper, Mike Jensen. I could not believe that you would print the dribble from Rumsfeld that we or anyone else should apologize to anybody in Afghanistan for innocent collateral victims. What is the country coming to? When you see the Afghanistans coming to the United States and apologizing for killing over 3,000 citizens of America, I may consider it. This Democrat shouldn't have been put in the paper and Rumsfeld shouldn't have anything to do with the military. When I see a body bag piled with about 4,000 Afghanistans, I'll say we're getting somewhere in the war. Please print this.