SpeakOut 10/28

Monday, October 28, 2002

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I'm calling about the SpeakOut comment "Dress for fun." I am the one who put the article in the paper for "Dress for the occasion." I really don't care if you work in the night club because it makes no difference if they wear a muscle shirt or not. You're not always going to be getting into a fight because you're wearing a muscle shirt. That still has nothing to do with my husband wearing a muscle shirt and the women running around half-dressed because they think that's going to start a fight. I know some of the women and they don't care if they're married or not or if the men are married. That's what's going to start a fight. As for the Morehouse bar, we may just have to give you a try since you don't care what we wear. I thank the person who wants me to go to the Lord's house. When I get ready to go (maybe that's where I need to go), but until then I'll go out and enjoy playing a little pool and drinking. I don't do drugs but other than that, I don't think a muscle shirt is the main reason for fights breaking out. It's the people and it was the people at the bar that has the bouncers that were calling everybody "poor white trash."

Mr. Jensen, I would like to SpeakOut about your Oct. 16 editorial about the armed robbers who were paralyzed after being in a traffic accident in St. Louis while being chased by the police. The irony of this particular incident is that we taxpayers are going to have to support those two people for the rest of their lives. That's the real irony.

Let me be the first to thank Mike Jensen for his Oct. 16 column, "Justice isn't always served by the court." He indicates that two criminals were in an accident and became paraplegic and were punished by God for their actions. Mike, you and Falwell have a lot in common. What I'm anxious to do is, every time I see another paraplegic or a handicapped person, I'm going to wonder to myself what did they do to make God punish them?

Sen. Jean Carnahan actually said on TV that since the President couldn't kill Osama bin Laden, she's target No. 1. That is a stupid thing to say. First of all, our President does not confuse national defense with politics. They're completely separate issues. Secondly, Mrs. Carnahan accidentally compared herself and acquainted herself with a known Islamic murderer who killed thousands of Americans. Does she really want to equate herself with a murderer?

I was calling in regards to the SpeakOut article which referred to the twirlers on the front page of the Sept. 30 Standard Democrat. The group is the Southeast Area Twirlers and the director is Kandi Barksdale-Staples. I can be reached at (573) 649-2702. The caller asked about enrollment. Enrollment is for ages 3 and up for all of Southeast Missouri communities.

I disagree with the Oct. 4 caller who said welfare recipients should lose their right to vote. I can see where prison inmates have committed a crime and may lose their right to vote. But just because someone is on welfare shouldn't take away their right as legal law abiding citizens. I'm not on welfare and nobody in my family is on welfare. We all have very good jobs and work hard. I don't discriminate against people on welfare. Maybe this caller who does should think about moving to another country. Maybe the United States would be better off without you because that's a very bad attitude and something our forefathers fought against and gave their lives to protect the right of all citizens to vote. I'm sorry for you caller because I think you have it all wrong.