Letter to the Editor

Your view: Board gives support

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Following a discussion at our Jan. 13 meeting of the upcoming "Payment In Lieu Of Taxes" ballot issue, the Sikeston Park Board voted to support passage of the PILOT proposal on Feb. 4.

The Park Board is in agreement with the City Council that the PILOT is a legitimate revenue source for the City that will help us continue to maintain a high level of service for our citizens in the areas of Public Safety and Public Works as well as continue a quality capital improvement program.

We recognize that the city is at a fiscal crossroads and in order to continue to progress, we must develop additional revenues. We also recognize that the Sikeston Power Station is a resource of the citizens of Sikeston that has the potential as a revenue source to help insure a future of continued growth and progress.

On behalf of the Park Board, let me reiterate our support of the PILOT and best wishes for the success of the ballot issue on Feb. 4.


David Craig, chairman

Sikeston Park Board