SpeakOut 1/27

Monday, January 27, 2003

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I guess politicians are all alike to a certain extent. George Bush bitches in Spanish; Dick Gephardt's stand on the Confederate flag. George is trying to get the votes from the Latinos and Gephardt is trying to get the votes from the blacks. Gephardt has lost my respect and also my vote. If he doesn't get the black votes, he is in trouble because I'm sure he just lost a lot of white votes.

Today is Jan. 17 and East Prairie had school. I took my son to school today and I can't believe that the city can't even spend a little money to put salt or something down in the parking lot or at least up by the doors where the kids had to walk. The parking lot and even where the teachers park and all the way up to the doors is nothing but solid ice. When it snowed on Jan. 16, they should have at least plowed it off or put something down or something. Are they that cheap over here, that they don't care about the kids but they want the kids to come to school so they can get that money from the state? What if somebody gets hurt over here? That's what they always wait for - somebody to get hurt.

Does anyone else find it ironic that churches that normally preach against gambling so readily accept lottery handouts?

This is in response to the Jan. 17 "Conflict of interest" that said can a priest or minister be allowed to work in law enforcement and in a church. Well, yeah. Why? Because if they had to work for what people gave them on Sunday, they probably couldn't make a living. If you don't think people have a conflict of interest, just check with Charleston. Charleston has a lot of conflict of interest. And not all the conflict of interest in Charleston relates to the church.

The Constitution of this great nation does say it is to maintain welfare and a militia group. But it doesn't say it is to maintain schools and things of this nature. At that time, schools were private and community held, not government raised.

Well, it finally hits our leaders. All of the taxes lost on people who bought on the Internet, taxes lost on cell phones not paying for 911, total waste in Jefferson City for years, wasted MoDOT on roads, credit cards. Our government pays blackmail for all these. Very little money will stop other countries from building nuclear weapons. It's time to take care of America only. Most countries need America anyway.

I would like to SpeakOut about the cement plant that was going to be built in Ste. Genevieve and about the low stages in the Mississippi River. What you city officials up and down the river need to do is sit down with the Corps of Engineers and figure out a way to keep the river deep enough. Those people are going to build their own barge thing there in Ste. Genevieve and they're going to be disappointed if the Corps of Engineers can't keep the river deep enough for them to run their barges up and down the Mississippi River. This is getting to be a serious problem, folks. You've drug your feet long enough. Let's keep that river deep enough, regardless of what it costs. You're losing millions when you can't ship a barge of coal, chemicals or cement or whatever up and down the river.

Without preferences in college admissions, George W. Bush would never have been accepted at Yale. He had neither the grades nor the test scores for admission, but his dad was an alum of the school, so they admitted him.