SpeakOut 12/17

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Call 471-6636

I live on Marion Street and want everyone to know that whoever likes to go to the races in the summertime, don't be lonesome. You can come to Marion Street any hour of the day, any time of the day and you'll see it. People fly through here and makes you think you're at an Indianapolis 500 track. People drive 60-70 miles an hour on this street. We need more police to patrol this street.

I am calling about a large chain store in the area. When you go to buy drugs, they always have a different price. They don't have a complaint department anymore and this complaint is well-needed. This is a big pharmacy and somebody needs to do something about it.

You should call the pharmacy department and speak with the pharmacy manager and ask about the changes in prices for medicines.

I am complaining about a restaurant here in Sikeston. We went to a store about 2 p.m. Monday. The boy who was working the register was taking food to a customer. He said he would be right back to wait on us. That was fine. We were waiting for him at the register. A lady walked up beside us and instead of the boy waiting on us when he came back, he started waiting on her. I told the boy that we were first. The lady told him to go ahead and wait on us. He said he would after he turned in her order. I told him don't bother, we'll just leave. This has only happened to me once but it happened to my husband twice. If they have this kind of business, what are they even there for? This boy was very rude to us as customers and I don't know how many he's done this to. Whoever the manager is needs to talk to this boy. Maybe they would have more customers if they paid more attention to what the workers are doing.

SpeakOut cannot name the establishment you are referring to. You should call the manager yourself and tell him or her what happened.

The man who delivers the papers to Matthews is a very good carrier. He is always pleasant, courteous and takes care of the elderly people by placing their papers in a convenient location.

I would like to respond to "Offense is noted." I think just because other people smoke, I know it's not fair to other people, but if people would keep their mouths shut and take care of their own steps in their own homes and mind their own business, this might be a better world. There is enough conflict in this world from people like you who are troublemakers. We don't need more troublemakers. We've got the rapists, the child abductors, child molesters and all kind of deadly things.