SpeakOut 1/8

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

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If Charleston is into charging people a fine for not maintaining their property in a neat manner, why don't they do something about the abandoned house and barn out on Highway 105 in front of the prison? What an eyesore! Isn't that inside the city limits of Charleston?

Regarding "Prosecutors are urged to fight against legalizing drugs" on Dec. 31, perhaps the prosecutors should remember that the best defense can sometimes be the offense - and campaign for the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco and to bring back slavery. Bill of Rights? What Bill of Rights?

I love the place, but it's just too small for that purpose. Thus, the city of Miner wasted money on purchasing video cams for cops to try and catch speeders. Even if a driver was not exceeding the speed limit, the video cam's technology is such that it would not be able to react quickly enough to record the driver's speed before he entered and left the community.

First of all, Miner wasted no money. The cameras were donated. Secondly, the cameras will be used for violations such as drug investigations, DWIs and citizen safety.

This is in response to the narrow-minded idiot that said the loose dogs roaming the streets were just doing there jobs. What is their job? Run the streets and terrorize people? They are doing a job when they are in a fenced yard guarding your back door, not roaming the neighborhood. Some people work the night shift, therefore they don't do the same thing you do at night. I got home from work one night and went to check my mailbox and was nearly attacked by a pit bull! As he was circling me and growling and barking, I just taunted him right back, letting him know I wasn't afraid of him when, actually, I was scared to death. He finally ran off. I was lucky! There is or should be ordinances that prohibit dogs to run loose. It could have been a child that encountered that pit bull and been mauled to death.

Yes, there is an ordinance: 6.12.040 Restraint: A dog owner or keeper shall keep his dog under adequate control at all times with the use of a properly designed leash when the animal is taken off of the owner's property. The owner shall insure that the animal is controlled by an individual with the physical and mental capability to control the animal (Ord. 4126 §4,1980; Ord. 5096§II, 5/96)

Tax cuts for taxpayers only. If you don't pay taxes, you don't get a tax cut. Wonder why it should be that way?