SpeakOut 6/21

Friday, June 21, 2002

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This is in comment to the article in SpeakOut on "Placing blame" published on June 17. The person who wrote this editorial should not SpeakOut about anything unless they know the whole situation or all the facts, and from what I read, they did not have any of the facts. First, the dog should have been in a kennel. Any normal person who had a vicious dog would have had it in a kennel, taking precaution that it would never reach a child or even an adult. In addition, a wild animal should never be chained. Second, the child was not on the dog owner's property, which means the dog could reach the grandmother's yard. This child was very much aware of the vicious dog and where he could play in his grandmother's yard, and where the dog could not get to him. Besides, he was very afraid of big dogs and would not ever attempt being close to this wolf hybrid. Maybe that dog was moved. Did you ever think about that? Third, the child was under supervision while playing in the yard. Besides, if a child is not safe in his own family's yard, where do you suggest he romp and play? Fourth, I think the person who wrote this editorial should check out the laws on owning a dog in Kentucky before blaming his grandmother for being negligent for not having a closer eye on him. The burden of owning a vicious dog of any kind falls to the owner of that dog, not to the person it attacks and kills. Fifth, I pray that the person who wrote this editorial never has to go through what our family has had to go through with TG's death and the entire situation around it. - TG's aunt

I am responding to "Beg to differ" to the person who put down in the paper, "Practice makes perfect." I don't think you need to judge anybody, even if they're rich. We're not to judge. The Lord Jesus is the judge. It says in the Bible if you judge, you will be damned to hell. Read your Bible more often, please because Jesus is coming and if you can't see that now, then I'm sorry. Please read your Bible, people, and know the word. He will come and I pray to God that he will not leave you because we will have happiness - nothing but happiness - in heaven. We don't want you to go to hell. We want you to go to heaven. So you who are reading this paper, do not judge.

I think the Miner Police Department should quit sitting in restaurants and do their jobs. They should use the tourism money for something different instead of being broke all the time, like paying the employees when they're out doing their own thing instead of working when they're supposed to be working.

I am calling about the SpeakOut article, "Dust for dinner" about the white roads in Mississippi County. They need to check that out because it's my understanding that the silica level of that rock is very high. Silica makes asbestos look good and I wouldn't have a county official do the testing, but I would have some tests done on it because silica is very, very bad for your body. I understand that the white rocks they're putting down is very high in silica content. That's why they put that kind of rock down there, because it's so cheap and somebody's trying to get rid of it.

Yes, McDonald's restaurants are now importing some of their beef. However, so do Wendy's and Burger King already. The U.S. Grade A means that it has been inspected by the USDA. It does not mean the meat is from the United States.