Speakout 10/27

Monday, October 27, 2003

Mike, why weren't you bad-mouthing and talking about how bad and two-faced Rush Limbaugh is concerning his drug case and addictions? If it were Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or someone else you don't see eye-to-eye with, you'd be blasting them to the sky. Blast Rush Limbaugh. He deserves it.

In response to a writer's response of the Crosslines giveaway program, do you think people are really going to come to you with hands out, wanting what they always want from programs such as these. Look at what happened to the work of the Christmas Campaign that Mike Jensen started. Users, abusers have worked the welfare system, the Christmas Campaign and they'll work yours. What the writer didn't address is where the funding comes from. I'm sure the Ministerial Alliance suggests they do this project, but the funding comes from taxpayer dollars. Salaries, computers, office overhead are all paid for by taxpayers. Counseling and guidance already come free of charge from numerous churches here in our community. Saying "no" isn't always easy, but sometimes is best. No more giveaways. No, no, no!

As we understandw, Crosslines will be funded primarily from non-taxpayer sources.

Is there any kind of group, library or school that would like old greeting cards to use for a project? I have tons of cards and magazines. Leave a number in SpeakOut if you're interested.