SpeakOut 9/15

Monday, September 15, 2003

Call 471-6636

This is to the person who takes from kids. Who owes you a thing? We have to struggle to buy something nice for our children and you think you can just walk onto our property and take from our children and just laugh about it. Then we have to deal with the pain of our hurt child. I hope you break your neck for taking it.

Thank you for printing my second SpeakOut call concerning Peter Myers and Lanie Black, the Missouri Ethics Commission, etc. However, I was surprised to find it much later than usual in a point and counterpoint section of the paper. I can imagine this hypothetical scenario. Keep in mind, "hypothetical." "Peter, Lanie it's Jensen. By the way, your political crony called SpeakOut regarding that embarrassing campaign fund snafu called again. I'll hold off printing it until you guys know what the caller said so you can respond to the contents of the Kansas City Star article I talked about." Of course, this sort of thing is nothing new. The Cape Girardeau newspaper was famous for having an answer response from an 8th District politician's camp when something sensitive appeared from her challenger. Anyway, I guess it's all just liberal media around here. Thanks again for hearing my voice. I certainly don't want to bite the SpeakOut voice that feeds me.

Yes, caller, we waited for responses from the men your comments were aimed at. Had the situation been reversed and we knew who you were, we would have shown you the same courtesy.

As a concerned citizen who talked about Peter Myers and Lanie Black, I was accused of being a yellow-dog Democrat. I'll have you know, for starters, I have voted for more Republicans than I have Democrats. But that's what most Republicans do. They prejudge and assume that everybody who votes Democrats is a yellow-belly, they're liberal and they're this and they're that because they criticized a Republican. Secondly, the only reason I didn't leave my name is just like everybody else in SpeakOut. Who puts their name in a SpeakOut submission? And if you're thinking that one of my submissions was in a letter section and not a SpeakOut section, you're correct, and that is only because the powers that be put it in a point- counterpoint section of the paper as opposed to SpeakOut as it was initially called in.

You are right on both counts. We wouldn't have printed your name if you had given it to SpeakOut. Secondly, the length of your comment, along with responses from Myers and Black would not have fit in the SpeakOut space allotted.

Regarding the senior citizen not wanting to tip restaurant workers, you're just cheap. Why should the rest of us have to pay for your prescription drug benefits? Wake up and smell the coffee. We know you are the wealthiest segment of our society.

I used to work at the nursing home on Ruth Street (I was a cook). If anyone knows the recipe for the bean burger, please put it in SpeakOut. I'd like to have it.

In response to the person who had an idea of how to beat gasoline prices, it's a good idea, however, if you can afford to buy a gas station, you probably aren't concerned about high gas prices anyway.

I am looking for someone to paint the exterior of my house. If you have good references and are an experience exterior painter, put your phone number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

To that know-it-all who said the rodeo didn't have anything to do with the price of watermelons, you need to rethink that. I know when the rodeo leaves, the bottom falls out. No matter what you say, in just a little short time, they take the stands down. The rodeo crowd picks up a lot of watermelons. I know what I'm talking about.