Speakout 3/24

Sunday, March 24, 2002

This in reference to Mike Jensen's March 13 editorial, "Don't blame others for criminal actions." Thank you, Mr. Jensen, for telling it like it is. I totally agree with you. Let them take the blame for the actions they do. I really appreciate you for putting it in the paper that way.

I called a few weeks ago about an incident on Bradley Street but never saw the information in the paper. Was nothing printed because of some of the names involved?

The report we received from the Sikeston Department of Public Safety was published on Feb. 26.

I live in Miner and we used to see the police patrol through the residential area quite a bit. Now we hardly see them anywhere. I guess they're writing tickets on the interstate or Malone Avenue or hanging out at Wink's store there in Miner. We just hardly ever see them and our little neighborhood here has turned into a regular race track here.

I'd like to thank the person who found my flag and folded it properly and put it on my porch. I had been out of town and didn't know it had blown down, but I certainly do thank you.

This is in regards to the war of words that was in the March 13 SpeakOut. I'm from Sikeston and I really don't remember when New Madrid County Central has ever been to state and placed in any kind of cheerleading competition. So I don't know where they're getting off good when they're not because Sikeston has been to state I know since 1994.

Someone called me Saturday morning soliciting donations for the renovation of Busch Stadium. They wanted me to send a letter to send to my representative in support of this. I told the caller that I work for a living and can barely afford to go to a game. The players are millionaires. They name the stadium after some millionaire. I'm not going to bother a politician with a baseball park. I love the Cardinals, but I have bigger things and better things on my mind. I think we need to support our elderly and health insurance. A lot of elderly people can't afford their prescriptions.

I'm a Christian mother and grandmother and I wanted Andrea Yates fried. I guess little helpless children are disposable now just like everything else.

I read in the paper where the school board wants to save money. Why don't they get more tax money from the big companies from Noranda and the power plant. Why punish the poor people in Missouri while the big guys make millions? It sounds just like that Enron guy. It just isn't right.

To the person who was looking for "Alice," who does alterations, call Alice Schrieber at 472-3661 to see if she's the one you are looking for.