Speakout 7/13

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Do you remember how much surplus money we had when President Bush was running for office? As soon as he got in, he started giving it away and now they have a billion increase in the amount the federal government can borrow. The government needs to borrow money now; it marks the second increase in the debt ceiling in less than a year. In 2002 the debt ceiling was increased by $450 billion to $6.4 trillion. This issue is politically touchy.

The Clintons never ran us $400 million in the red like this joker President has. They did a good job of keeping down the federal budget. Unemployment was low, if you remember accurately. Now this President has a lot to answer to. The situation is just getting worse.

Just one day, I would like to look in the birth announcements and not see where a single mother has had a baby without a father. Just one day I would like to see that. Today there were two that had their first one and three who had their second children. I know it would be hard, but try to skip one day without putting those announcements in the paper, please. I'm tired of supporting these people.

Sorry caller. We publish birth announcements to publish the "news" of the child's birth, not to announce the lifestyle of the birth parents. Birth announcements are published in date order when possible and we use the information provided by the parent or parents of the newborn child. While some single parents may be supported by tax dollars, other single parents are self-supporting. This information is not a criteria of announcing a birth and some parents who do work choose not to put that information in the paper.

Am I the only person who heard on television that inflation has not been this bad since Herbert Hoover was in office? I think everyone who is calling SpeakOut should quit bashing President Bush and the people we have elected to office. Who are we to judge these people? After all, they are just human, like we are. There are a faithful few running our country. They are supposed to be asking God to lead them first and we need to stand and ask forgiveness of our own sins instead of talking about President Clinton, President Bush and the sins of whoever else has been in office. You won't have to answer for their mistakes, they are. Let's all pray for our country.

We go to yard sales and people are trying to sell their stuff so high. They try to sell their stuff for new prices. When we go to some yard sales, the people won't even come out to see what you want to buy or to see if they can help you or anything. I guess you could just get what you want and walk off with it (of course, I wouldn't do that). If they're going to sell their stuff, they need to be out there with it. And at some yard sales, the people don't say "good morning," "go jump in the lake" or anything else. I don't know what's wrong with people. I would like to have this put in SpeakOut. It might change some of them.

It is just tragic to lose our men in Iraq, but consider the deaths from traffic accidents, fireworks displays, robberies, drive-by shootings and so forth.

I would like to SpeakOut about these restaurants and fast-food places in town. Most of them have seating arrangements designed just for skinny people. I went into one the other day with my mentally-retarded daughter (who is very overweight because of medical problems) and she got stuck. Couldn't sit in the booth and it was hard to get her out of the seat. I wish they would make seating for overweight people. Not everyone can be a size 6.

My property is overrun with rabbits and I would like to trap them humanely. If anybody knows where I can get a Have A Heart Live Trap or something similar, please call 620-1056.