Letter to the Editor

Your view: Stop griping

Monday, January 5, 2004

It is time for Josh Bill to re-evaluate his intentions toward the citizens and the City of Sikeston.

My recollection is the consequence of many things, which Josh Bill is addressing with such vehement vigor, is simply Monday-morning-quarterbacking, i.e.: they happened on his watch as mayor.

It is also my recollection that Swan's backed out of the pending deal on the Fleming building after his brilliant expose' on the west end of town. This hip-shooting action, of which "his" city council had no prior knowledge, has certainly had a major detrimental impact on taxes.

In other words, Josh, you had your turn in the saddle and made as many mistakes as you perceive the City Council is making. The fact is, we have very dedicated and competent people on the current City Council. Bottom line: You are once again costing the city valuable time and money. Shut up and let them do their job!

If we, the citizens, don't like the job they are doing, we will vote them out of office with or without your verbal or literary diatribe.

Neal Wagley