Speakout 3/31

Sunday, March 31, 2002

I would like to thank a DPS officer for the professionalism he showed in helping me recover my lab when he got out of his kennel. Thanks to him and the lady who worked the desk that Sunday morning, no harm came to a great hunter and companion.

I think the Sikeston Department of Public Safety is doing a fine job, especially in the west end of town and Sunset. I just hope the conference they had at Mission Missouri doesn't slow you guys down. I stay in the Sunset area and if it weren't for you guys, crime would be high around here. Please keep patrolling the Sunset area.

I just read the newspaper today (March 19) and heard all the humdrum around the country, including East Prairie, and I can understand that people have a lot of problems, and a lot of them, there is never anything done about it. One thing I think they should do is make a special flag for the state of Missouri, the state that hates veterans (and that's been proven twice), and I think they should make a flag that has all the filth and everything you can think of on that flag, for the jackass state has proven that it is the jackass state of the United States. These boys are veterans who slept in foxholes, slept in mud and water all night with nothing to eat, and came home and the government lied to them and gave them false promises. I don't think you'll print this, but I hope you will.

I live in East Prairie and I'd like to tell the person who has a griped about people being fined for limbs and junk and so forth and city stickers, water and things like that, if you clean up your place, pay your taxes, buy your city sticker and pay your water bill on time, nobody will bother you over here. That's how you get along over here. You pay up and nobody bothers you. If the police got out and got all these kids are messing up, as you say, they might get yours and that would give you something else to whine about. What you need to do, if you're unhappy with East Prairie, is just move.

Has Flash Photo reopened somewhere else in Sikeston or the surrounding area? They used to be in the River Birch Mall.

The business moved to Kingshighway but now has a closed sign on its marquee.

I hope that whoever runs the sound board at the rodeo this year knows what a volume control is and could keep it turned down so my chest doesn't hurt when I go.

Can someone tell me why my tomato plants always turn yellow and wilt about the time the tomatoes get on?

I guess Wal-Mart will be so crowded with the old people stomping and marching to get their exercise that we can't even shop there when Kmart gets closed.Notice to owners

There was a Baptist minister from Springfield who was arrested for molesting a 13-year-old cousin. I don't see his name on the front pages of newspaper and on TV news every day for weeks and weeks. Let's be fair.