Speakout 9/28

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I would like to know how other grandparents feel about their children expecting us grandparents to raise their children. I will say right now that I am turning my grandchildren over to their mother and let her raise them by herself. I'm tired of being responsible for them. My feelings are it is the mom's responsibility because they seem to think that it is. That we should just be at their beck and call when they call and want to go out on a date or to have a good time they expect Mom and Dad to take care of these children. They also think that just because they are grown in size that they know just exactly what is going on in life. They are not right. They expect the parents to keep them out of trouble financially. Mentally, if they keep having babies they expect us to care for them. Like I said, my daughter is going to tend to her own children. It is not my responsibility any more. They go out and have the babies, they expect Mom and Dad to raise them for them. These Dads are responsible for their own children. If a girl has a baby, the father, not the grandparents, should take care of the care of them. They should have the responsibility of getting up with them in the middle of the night, just like the mothers do. I would like to know how other grandparents feel about these. Speakout on this problem.

I think you were wrong and out of line talking about CBS and Mr. Rather. He is a very intelligent and a very good reporter. Furthermore I don't think CBS would stand behind these reports about your president's National Guard duty if it had substantial documents to back it up. CBS wouldn't take a chance on a lawsuit unless it was sure of the facts. I resent you or anyone else who think they can talk otherwise. I also believe nearly ever economic decision that Mr. Bush makes will hurt the U.S. economy in the long run. It may not happen right now but in a few years it will then we can't do anything about it. Think about it Mr. Jensen.

- - -

Old Dan Rather and CBS, Communists Broadcasting System. It has been that way for a long time.

In answer to the Sept. 19th political scene on Speakout. The individual who was upset that President Bush was not going to have a debate in St. Louis he needs to be reminded that Clinton also refused to have third debate in St. Louis on his last election.

I can't believe that John Kerry's wife would get on national television and tell people not to send clothes to the hurricane victims. She said just send food and water. Let them go naked. People may go naked where she comes from but they don't in the United States. She is one sick person.

I was calling to make a comment about an article I read in the paper where a nurse at New Madrid said that sometimes it wasn't a child's fault when they got head lice. That is from kindergarten to fifth grade. How could it ever be a child's fault if they get head lice? They are children. I think that nurse needs to go back and practice a little more.

This is response to the individual calling in about American Legion Post 114 honoring the World War II veterans. We did honor the World War II veterans. We had a breakfast for them the Saturday before Memorial Day honoring them as the Greatest Generation #of our Time. And in years' past we have also honored World War II veterans at our American Legion Cotton Carnival parade and we have also had them on the cover of our American Legion Cotton Carnival booklet. They have not been forgotten by American Legion Post 114.