Speakout 6/6

Monday, June 6, 2005

Governor Blunt has done a lot of cutting around the state of Missouri. He should start with his welfare office and cut a lot of overhead out of there. You could save a million dollars a year there because there are a lot of people in there who aren't even earning their salaries.

My name is Robin Jones and I would like to Speakout in reference to the Mission. They helped me and my family out a lot. I do appreciate what they have done for me. They have not charged me for anything. I think they make a good contribution to this community. They gave us stuff and they didn't charge us a penny.

- - -

I would like speak for the Rescue Mission. The only thing they required of me is to go to the Department of Children and Family Services and get a voucher to give to them. They gave me a couch, table, dishes for the house, bed linens, curtains, clothing. They even gave my husband a job. We had just moved to the area and had nothing. I think the Rescue Mission is a good place. I would appreciate if you would print this since I have read a lot of bad stuff about them. They have given me a lot of stuff and they have helped me and my family get on our family. I appreciate what they have done for me.

I would like to say hello to Prince Carson from Cape. They are playing on the radio station, soft rock. I called in because I wanted a song played and he is such a nice gentle guy. I just wanted to say I enjoy him.

I live in Charleston in Mississippi County and I have received a letter from the tax assessor telling me how much my property value has increased in the last couple of year. I don't mind paying taxes or even more but to tell me my -property value has increased is a slap in the face. When you live in an integrated neighborhood like I do with a dog breeding center, a whorehouse I can see operate from my front porch, a child care center run by an ex-

convict, horns honking, boom boxes booming 24 hours a day. I live in spitting distance of all that. You tell me my property value has increased? I would be lucky to get one-tenth of the value of my home right now. I could go on and on but I need to quit and just be sick. That is progress in Mississippi County.

I'm on Interstate 55 on Saturday morning heading toward St. Louis and St. Charles. I have already seen one van turn over in the middle of the road and I have seen another wreck already. This road is bad. I'm driving right now 73 miles per hour and I have not passed one vehicle. Trucks are blowing me off the road. I think people now days are driving too fast. It is too dangerous. I haven't seen one single police officer on this Interstate. It is unsafe out here. They come right up on you and if you don't speed up or move over they run over you now a days. This is a shame.

I heard a thing that anything that you do, that you cannot do in front of your spouse whether a husband or wife, is cheating. Also anytime you have to lie, cheat or sneak around and do is called cheating.