Speakout 5/17

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I couldn't help but read the letter to the editor where you made some mistakes in the gentleman's letter - the printing of it. You know, he sounds like he really needs to get up off his lazy hind end and get himself a job instead of drawing a big check off the welfare. He needs to go back to school and be a lawyer

I'm calling to make a complaint. You know, not long ago the Union Pacific Railroad company purchased some property on North Frisco. They demolished three brand new homes, the homes were approximately six to six and half years old. Then then demolished three more older houses in order to put a spur through that area. My complaint is the weeds on the property that Union Pacific Railroad Company bought are getting very high. They are two or three-feet tall in certain areas of the property. My complaint is that if this was a regular citizen in Sikeston that let their lawn get two to three-feet high they would definitely get a ticket. They would have to go to court to pay a big fine. But I'm sure that the code enforcer will not give the Union Pacific Railroad Company a ticket because I believe it is the United States government that owns the railroad company. I think they are showing favoritism toward this company. They demolished the houses, they should take care of the property until they their project is complete through that area. Like I said, just because Union Pacific Railroad Co. I don't believe the code enforcer will give them a ticket. I don't think that is fair. I know a man who is handicapped, he can't walk, and he got a ticket for having some brush piles on his property. He had to go to court and pay a big fine. I think the Union Pacific should have to keep that area clean. Let's see what the code enforcer is going to do about this.

This is Sikeston Convalescent Center and we would like to thank publicly Mrs. Wanda Withers because she always brings cake and ice cream and today, strawberries, for the patients and employees at the Convalescent Center. She brings food for the diabetics as well. She is just a sweet person and she does this just about every holiday. We would like to publicly thank her.

I want to Speakout about Social Security. I think it would be very wise Mr. Bush to keep your hands out of Social Security. If you would let the Arabs fight it out in Afghanistan and Iraq and invest the $82 billion into the Social Security trust fund for all the future retirees, you wouldn't have the problem of worrying about Social Security. If you would invest that money into Social Security, our financial and economic security and save all the American soldiers' lives then everything would be better. You Republicans can't see that. We don't need to be spending money like you Republicans do. The poor and the elderly need it more here in the United States than wasted on other countries, fighting wars and killing and murdering our boys. That is exactly what our president is doing, he is killing our boys - murdering them.

I am a Girl Scout leader and I realize that a few people are not able to get Girl Scout cookies this year. I have extra Girl Scout cookies left and I can be reached 667-5246. Call between 5 and 7 p.m. Thank you.

After reading the numerous articles in the paper over the past few weeks regarding the cuts to Medicaid and now reading the way Republicans are ignoring or forgetting the promises they made to us who are against the evil practices of abortion, I have become thoroughly convinced that the Republican Party is a tool of Satan.

I'm calling about the overcrowding in the prison systems. If they would take these murders and rapists that have been in there for 15 and 20 years and send them to death row. That would clear up a lot of our prisons.