Speakout 7/6

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

I, too, want to Speakout about the riots that went on Sunday night. I think the punishment finally fit the crime. These people I recognized in the newspaper have already got fines on the record where they are paying measly $5 or $10 a month to stay out of jail. Jail time is what they need. That is what will get to them. I commend the judge. I commend Chief Juden for this action. It is ridiculous that we have to call extra people to corral the same old bunch. It is hell living on this west end of town. They disregard everybody's property. They continue to block the streets and they don't care because they know they just have to pay a little bit on the fine and go on and keep doing the same old thing. I think jail time is what they need and community service is what they need. That will get to them more than anything because then they can't ride up and down the street booming and harassing people and disturbing everyone's peace. Thanks again Chief Juden and Judge Marshall. I think it is wonderful that you have finally taken an aggressive step in this situation.

* * *

I'm calling about "Police at fault." I just want to say if you don't like cops, live out in the country that would solve your problem and theirs. And please go back to grammar class. When you talk about something, know the facts. Start being fair, you were the ones blocking the streets, throwing bricks and bottles. I am proud of our police officers, especially the one who was standing up when the mob wanted him down. Thank you for trying to better our community.

It warmed my heart to hear the Reverend Billy Graham proudly say that he is a Democrat. Maybe this will open the eyes of those who think that Christians can only be Republicans. Reverend Graham put the lid on that misconception.

I would like to Speakout about the Charleston R-1 Schools and the way the teachers speak to some of the children and about the children. We have some very good teachers but we have some that need to be fired for the way they talk to students like they don't have any feelings. This makes all the teachers look bad. The school board needs to look into this, and the parents and the children and correct the attitudes of these career educators or get rid of them. The community needs to come together and see that these inferior teachers are removed from the R-1 School system.

Wow, Mike, good for you! Your suggestion of having the churches help with transportation of the poor and elderly for medical care is brilliant. This is just the kind of behavior that Jesus tried to teach us. Besides that, don't the churches benefit from tax write-offs for expenses such as this?

I am a concerned citizen. At the Complex, the old Little League football field off of Ingram Road. There is an old scoreboard that is kind of rusty besides being an eyesore. The children are coming it and jumping off of it, I believe one of them fell. It is a danger so if they are not using it maybe it can be taken down before somebody is badly hurt.

This is in reference to tax time in Speakout in Sunday's paper. Missouri voters rejected a high tax two years ago. Voters and smokers said no way, Hosea. Go on get a life. Smokers are already taxed too much and can't smoke anywhere in public. Let's take the money out of somewhere else, like maybe your rich pocket. Or maybe get rid of some unnecessary state workers at every level of the state. Everywhere you look they are doing nothing, just sitting around. So Mr. Non-Smoker get a life and leave us high-taxpaying smokers alone.

It looks like Morehouse is at it again. Somebody needs to look into it. There is a building filled full of fireworks in a residential area, within three blocks of a school. And there is also a fireworks stand in front of it. Isn't this basically against the city ordinance and some of the city officials said they didn't vote to change the ordinance. This needs to be looked into or explained.