Speakout 4/4

Thursday, April 4, 2002

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We had a very heavy rain Monday night and expected the ditch to be flooded Tuesday morning. But now it's Wednesday morning and my ditch is still flooded. It's time to clean out this ditch and let it flow so it can only be flooded one day instead of two days. What can we do to get this thing cleaned out?

"Xanax." - X-A-N-A-X

If you don't know how to spell Xanax, don't put it in the paper. It's Xanex.

We spelled the name as it was given to us. Now we have two other versions. According to Medical Arts Pharmacy in Sikeston, the correct spelling is "Xanax." Congratulations, caller No. 1. You get the prize!

I was watching CNN and could not believe what I heard. A black man said they are suing for slavery reparation, that us white people owe them money for when his great-grandfather or great-great-grandfather was a slave and this man couldn't even prove his ancestor was a slave. This person wasn't even alive, I wasn't alive and Mike Jensen wasn't alive then. That sucks. All they want is for the white people to pay. All they can think of is money and that's all it is - money. We don't owe them anything. I've never owned a slave, my parents and grandparents never owned a slave. We don't owe them anything.

I wonder why the black people seeking reparation for their ancestors' regrettable years in slavery don't understand the real guilt for slavery lives was the African chieftains who sold their ancestors to the white slave traders. Why not appeal to their African ancestors for that reparation?

I wish you would think about this East Prairie tax. If they vote for this tax all they're going to do is give another school teacher a part-time job and spend $150,000 on a 50-year-old swimming pool.

A $100 fine for loud music but only a $25 fine for no auto insurance? This must have been an error. If not, it is much cheaper to pay the fine than to buy insurance.

Each court goes by a set standard for fines assessed. If the person does not comply and is arrested again on the same charge, you will see the fine go up. Court costs are added to the initial fine.

Sometimes I think SpeakOut should be listed for the funnies. It is hilarious!