Speakout 5/6

Monday, May 6, 2002

Ready to sell>/b>

To the party who is interested in purchasing a steam table for a church, I have one for sale. Call me at (573) 748-2022.

Anyone who has lost a dog in the Marble Hill Sherwood Forest area, please call (573) 568-2960 to identify and claim it. It appears traumatized by the absence of its owner because it refuses food.

I'm calling in response to the bad for healthy emotions. Who ever put this ad in the paper, please, don't flatter yourself that anyone is jealous over this person and certainly doesn't want to cause a scene in a public business in this town. I'm not sure who put the ad in for bad for healthy emotions, don't be ridiculous. None of us are jealous over you and this is still bad for business.

* * *

This is reply for bad for business. You've got it all wrong. You know I pity you. It is really pathetic when you have to be center stage all of the time. Jealousy does not enter the picture at all. I have secure job and have done so for several years so jealously has no room in the picture which you miss completely. Yes, marriage is a partnership which I have been in for quite a few years with one person. My husband is still my best friend. We make decisions together and settle issues together. I don't have to rule the roost and have the limelight on myself 24-7. Boy it sure has been quiet since you pulled out of the club. You have not been confronted by me because I saw the way you showed your behind when the barmaid wrote you up. I could have danced and cheered on the bar along with everyone else. You even stated that you would close the place down because we were not suppose to treat you like that. I have not bowed down to anyone in all my years, why start now? If you can't speak the truth, why speak at all? What I heard from the horse's mouth or maybe was the other end but it is because I respect everyone until they give me a reason not to, which you did a long time ago. I laughed that you believe I'm jealous. I love to come home every day and see my husband, who wears the pants in this partnership, I'm not ashamed of that fact. You have all my pity. So if this is so long, thanks.

* * *

In response to still bad for business in the April 30 Speakout: Apparently the term private club has evaded you. Usually when a person becomes a member of the private club they know the motto: what you hear here, what you see here, stays here, not in your local newspaper. IF you are a member of that private club where you have concerns, you should take your concerns to the powers that be, the people who make the decisions for the club members. if they do not make the decisions or are not responding to the needs of the members of the club, then elect new ones. But still remember that jealousy is an evil thing and will only make you more bitter.