Speakout 10-23

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

My son is in a local daycare here in Sikeston. My problem is not with the daycare. This comment is not about that. My concern is with some parents who show their immaturity. When I went to pick up my son today, there was a lady there who was arguing with the workers - she wasn't just arguing. Everybody has arguments. But she was cussing, using filthy, terrible unheard of language as other parents were picking up their kids. If this woman has a problem with the daycare she should talk about it behind closed doors. She doesn't need to let everybody know her business and she doesn't need to be talking out in front of everybody. The main thing is the language in front of those kids. If she uses this kind of language in public, I can't imagine what she uses at home. I'm only calling about this because it's sad when you have to take your child to daycare and be worried about the language of some of the other parents. You shouldn't talk like this in front of your child or other people's kids.

The Cardinals were good. At least they thought they were good until they got up against a good team.

Just because Frank Tatum was elected mayor of Miner, that doesn't put him above the law. We elected him mayor to act in a responsible manner and I'm sure that some may have some respect for him, but he should act like a decent human being and at the same time accept whatever punishment as far as the amount of time they're asking him to step aside along with Alderman Brock. The way he's acting makes him look pretty childish.

This is in response to an AKC reader here awhile back. We are AKC certified dealers specializing in poodles. Poodle bloodlines can be traced back to the 1300s. Someone said they weren't found until Sept. 17, 1884. The only reason to register an AKC dog is if you're going to show the dog or breed it.

I just read where Missouri is upholding the President for a war on Iraq. I got news for you. They didn't check everybody. They didn't ask everybody if they wanted war. They probably just asked the Republicans. I don't want war. We don't want war.

If anyone out there who strips and refinishes furniture, please put your number in the paper and I will give you a call.

I would just like to remind voters how Mrs. Carnahan got into office. Secondly, I'd like to remind them of how she treated John Ashcroft when he was nominated to be the attorney general after he was so kind as not to even campaign during her mourning after her husband's death. I'm going to vote for Jim Talent and I hope many others will do likewise.

How can the person comment in SpeakOut call what farmers did, welfare checks? It could be that the farmer has to use that money to pay his bills and paychecks for his workers. How would the caller know what welfare checks add up to unless they know someone in their house that is on welfare and someone who pays their bills?

I just read the comments about the trash following the Cotton Carnival Parade. If you really are "Sikeston Proud," like I am, why didn't you stop and help pick some of it up, like I did?