SpeakOut 7/12

Friday, July 12, 2002

Call 471-6636

I was calling about the pledge reaction where the guy said that he thought it was ridiculous that he thought this country was suppose to be a majority rule country. I was wondering where this guy from. Is he under Hitler or something? Since when has America been a majority-rule country? Never. Everybody is equal but it doesn't matter.

If today is a day that is to be spent with your family, these people that didn't come out to spend anytime with us can spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at their own homes this year.

To the elderly lady who wanted to get a muffler, there is an exhaust and body shop on 112 Highway AA, 471-2926, that has good mufflers.

I would like to SpeakOut about the MC Plus Card and about the parents' fair share being taken away. There are some people who work, as I do, who don't have a card and can't get insurance anywhere else. It helps a lot when you can't afford your medicine and doctors bills although you still have a copay on it, which isn't bad. I have a serious health problems. Surgery has been scheduled for this month. I never received a letter stating that I was removed from the card. They said I should have received one by June 13 and my surgery was scheduled way before that. This is an ongoing situation and I think they should take care of it. I found out about it when I went to pick up my medicine and could not get it because the card had been canceled. I called DFS and they said I should have received a letter, but I hadn't. I did receive it a couple of days after I called on July 3. It was dated July 1. They don't do things right. People don't care about other people, especially when they have serious health problems. What are you supposed to do when the doctor says you can't cancel and it has to be done? It seems like our state doesn't care. If you get ahold of your state representatives, will they really try to help? Will they try to find a way to get you some help, to get the service back or what, especially before I have to have this surgery, which is very, very soon.

Has anyone seen hummingbirds lately? I haven't seen any since last spring.