Letter to the Editor

Your view: Reagan and Bush

Thursday, June 10, 2004

How soon will it be before the love and respect being shown Ronald Reagan this weekend (6/05/04) turns to vitriolic attacks on George Bush for trying to exploit the death of Ronald Reagan? I think the "main stream media" is already poised to jump on any mention of the obvious similarities of George Bush and Ronald Reagan by the Bush Campaign, and accuse Republicans of "exploiting" a poor "mediocre" man's death for Bush's campaign purposes.

As I listened 06-06-04 to their kind remarks, and thank God for them, I heard the main message of the mainstream press, and opponents of Bush and Reagan; paraphrasing, "after all it is Reagan the man that everyone admired, not his policies."

Monday morning 06-07-04, CNN was lamenting that John Kerry was not getting enough attention for his kind remarks of Reagan. Paraphrasing again, "it seems most media outlets are overwhelming the nation with interviews with Republicans reminiscing about Reagan. Kerry is being shut out of the lime light." The looks on worried faces of the fabulous four T.V. news network anchors told more than their words. For the first time, I heard from several of their pursed lips, "well it's a long way to November."

Up until this weekend these same "journalists" were shoving instant polling data at us 24 hours a day to convey the notion that "John Kerry has this thing in the bag" by being neck and neck with George Bush today, "just think what a blowout the Democrats will have this election year."

I agree, it's still a long time to November. That little Bush bashing party Hillary, George Sorros, Howard Dean, and other radicals had earlier in the week was just a small sampling of the kind of vitriolic hate speech we will have to endure as their impassioned hysteria gins up with the election drawing nearer.

According to their plan this past weekend was supposed to be wall to wall coverage of that kick off event of them "taking their country back," which more honestly meant "them taking our country over."

Among an audacious display of angry mob mentality, the Democrat's main money man and premier guest was John Kerry's not so secret weapon, Billionaire atheist, George Sorros. The Democrats seem to have bought into Sorros' main theme and are going to make it the main planks of their campaign platform.

Which is, paint the Republicans as "Nazis," George Bush as "Hitler," and radio talk show hosts as "Joseph Goebbels" all conspiring to "spread evil democracies around the globe" and "imposing their moral values on others."

I think it's ironic Reagan reached out from his death bed to thwart the well laid kick off plans of this well orchestrated smear machine.

And in spite of their demonizing plans, I think George Bush has a lot of similarities to Reagan that are evident and will shine through the din the Dems are going to fog this country with. All of the stories that are now being retold about Reagan, are just confirming what we felt and knew about him then, and what we feel and know about George Bush now. Their character and actions daily disprove the accusations and innuendo of the caricature the left tries to create of them. Remember how Reagan was the first to be dubbed "Teflon President?" It's because the left's caricature didn't stick to the man.

The are many similarities between the two men which are a result of one over-arching characteristic; they both had and have a vision of the future based on an honest reflection on past history; and the prominent role played by our Supreme Almighty God in this nation's history, and the history of the World. From this, both men draw strength. They were, and are, able to make decisions based convictions with confidence by adhering to Godly principles on such things as "liberty" and "right and wrong," in spite of biased and slanted "moistened finger in the wind" polls, which are most times used as the bases of condemnation by their opponents.

God Bless them, and may God continue to Bless America through men such as these who have the wisdom to respect Godly principles and precepts; and the God given courage to put them into practice while taking a stand against evil through the God given determination and foresight to defend against it.

John McMillen

Sikeston, MO