Speakout 3/17

Sunday, March 17, 2002

I'd like to know what these cops do here in East Prairie during the daytime. There are trucks flying up and down East Washington all day long during school hours, my business hours and everything else. I haven't seen one cop. They take off from the gas station and it's a dangerous spot. One of these days somebody is going to get killed again. What are we paying for?

I'm no sushi lover and I don't believe those people on Survivor really ate that rotten sushi that had been sitting in the sun and it didn't kill them. It looks like they'd have enough sense not to play on our sympathy and at least make some intelligent decisions.

OK, people in Sikeston. All the white people who live in Sikeston should call racism on the police department. Right here, in the Standard Democrat, it shows that they stop white people two times as much as they have black people. I think the police officers are scared to stop black people because of racism. Now it's time the white people pull together and call this racism because that's all it was - 1,400 to 700 - that's what it was.

Not long ago I took a purchase back to Kmart for a refund. I was informed that I couldn't get a refund because there were no cash refunds and would have to get a gift card. I told them I didn't want a gift card because they may be out of business before I could use it. The lady, very sarcastically told me, "We're not going anywhere." Apparently she wasn't watching the news.

This is in regards to the "Unnecessary noise" complaint on March 8 about the jake brake. I read, "If you come by my house one more time using that jake brake, I will hunt that trailer down and destroy it." You called the driver a fool. Apparently you're an idiot. The jake brake isn't on the trailer. It's a retarder on the engine to slow the rpm's down. Believe me, I know. You're the fool.

I read the editorial about a man being selected to work in Jefferson City who had stolen money from the state and now is being hired back, where he'll have his hands on money again. I voted for President Bush and I like him, but I think he made a bad mistake picking Tommy Thompson, ex-governor of Wisconsin, to take over the health services because when he left Wisconsin, the new governor that came in behind him is up to his butt in trouble. Tommy Thompson spent money he didn't have and left it spread all over and left the state of Wisconsin in one hell of a shape. Vernon Thompson will probably do the same thing to Missouri and Tommy Thompson will also do it to the whole United States now that he's head of health services.

I don't bitch and complain but I am 32 years old, have been a resident of Sikeston all my life and I would like to know when they made North Main and East Malone Avenue a race track/dragstrip. I was sitting at the main intersection, getting ready to turn down South Main and a vehicle came off North Main and 2-inches more and he would have wrecked my car. I wish someone of the officers would sit in plain clothes with walkie talkies and get these bad drivers off the dragstrip.

Caller, your call was edited because of numerous obscenities that cannot be printed.