Speakout 4/11

Monday, April 11, 2005

The title of this should be a costly yard sale for us. Back on March 5 my husband and I participated in a indoor yard sale at the Vanduser Church of God Family Life Center. If you are the lucky person who purchased the Noah's ark boat, please look inside the door that opens. It was our daughter's boat and we did not know she had anything inside it. We sold it for $1. Later she told us she had her savings hidden inside the boat. We are looking at it as a dollar loss however if you never look inside the boat knowing the door doesn't open you will never know it will be your gain. Please check the boat and enjoy.

Mike, April is here and a lot of people have spent the winter in the gym. Now the talk of the treadmill and the elliptical machines, the next challenge is to run outside. The Dogwood-Azalea festival is your best introduction to outside running. It is the easiest, quietest, fastest, longest and most beautiful 5K run in the area. You are invited to the Dogwood-Azalea run after church on Sunday, April 17. Walking the tree-lined streets is perfectly fair.

Fix Medicaid. That's right. Mr. Jensen wrote the right thing, but it just didn't go far enough. I'm a working person. We both work, have children. We can't afford these leather coats or this jewelry all over our fingers and go to the beauty shop and the grand clothes. We pay in for Medicare, Social Security and income tax. It is not right for these older ones or these younger ones either to be able to afford to go to the beauty shop every week and get their nails all put on, buy leather cooks and jewelry, VCRs, televisions and computers. If they worked they wouldn't be on that program. Or they draw their Social Security then work and make more money on top of that. They draw more money than most older people who have worked all their life get. Even more than those trying to provide for their families.

I would like thank Risco High School student Chris Johnson for his very insightful letter to the editor concerning the Bush administration's Patriot Act. Keep up the good work Chris. You are doing the right thing. It is the American thing. It is the patriotic thing to question what we see going wrong with society and our government. I would like to thank Risco High School for contributing bright students to our world. Thanks again, Chris.

I'm asking Speakout for assistance and I am also placing an ad in the paper. Would the person who purchased a red and black cabaret dance costume at St. Paul's rummage sale on Saturday, April 2, please call 380-0654 or 471