Speakout 6/10

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm calling in response to the person who was looking for someone willing to share woodworking skills. If you would give me a call at 471-2278, I do woodworking and would be happy to help you. Thank you.

I have a 50-gallon barrel with a lid if the person still wants one. It is 472-4813.

Who ever left that message in here about a burning barrel, they can call 471-1602. I live at 306 Marion, so they can come get it.

I'm calling about the person needing help weeding her yard. You can 667-9087. I would be willing to pull weeds for this person.

I'm calling in reference to the yard needs help in Speakout from June 4. They can reach me at 624-6094. My name is Kim and I work in the Sikeston area and I would be more than happy to help them out with their flower beds and yard work. They can call me anytime Monday through Saturday after 5 p.m.

I was reading Speakout and the headline was right on. They are talking about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. I think Republican Ken Starre spent millions and millions of dollars trying to find out if they were guilty, which they weren't. And one girl even went to prison and stayed in prison because she wouldn't get up and lie. He told her to get up and lie on the stand. Now she has two books out, so if you don't believe me, get them and read them. I do think they are forgetting Watergate and how that disturbed our country and their Republican President Richard Nixon had to resign.

I, too, was outraged about the article on the front page it not being bad in Iraq. I have a son in the Marines. In three days he had just an hour and 45 minutes sleep; 10 days, no bath; basically not that great of meals to eat; sleeping on the ground whenever they could. He has said in almost every letter not to believe what the news media says. There are good things happening over there. We are doing good things for the people and the people want us there. He has even made a request should anything happen to him, not to make a statement to the media or let the media interview me or make a statement because he is very enraged about how the media covers things over there. Good things are not being covered but we have people over there, Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force that are in desperate situations every day and do not have baths and do not have the food that we have to eat. They are fighting for our country. Let us remember our troops. There is very much good going on over there. My son reminds me every time he writes me a letter.

Is there anything to these Democrat rumors that the Republicans are going to cut the veterans checks? Or is this another Democrat lie? I would appreciate if you could find out.