Speakout 12/18

Thursday, December 18, 2003

I think we're fighting a war that is more worthy to be fought since World War II. I was in Korea and Vietnam. Look at all the innocent people Hussein killed. He even took his own sons-in-law's heads off and sat them in front of their houses until the dogs carried them away. Yes, we have a president I'm proud of. I'm way up in years, but you're going to have a hard time beating George Bush. He's a Godly man and we have to keep this man as long as we can.

Why do the basketball players always get top billing in your newspaper? It seems that even when they are losers, you put their pictures in the paper on the top. Yet, the wrestlers were at home on Wednesday night and won their matches and you don't even have a picture of it.

Our President didn't send anybody to represent a great man from Illinois who passed away last week. That is terrible! Paul Simon helped everybody and it takes a sorry man, but I'll give him recognition. We appreciate Paul Simon in Illinois.

I'll bet there's a young man who lives on Bradley Street who has no ear drums because he plays his radio in his car so loud that you can hear him as soon as he turns onto Bradley off of Euclid. I live on Kate Street and can hear his radio over my TV and radio. I was in bed tonight and he woke me up coming in.

The noise ordinance is for all city residents. The number to file a confidential complaint with DPS is 471-4711.

I was real disappointed to read in the paper what the young man had to say about being called up for duty. He shouldn't have joined the National Guard if he didn't want to serve our country. He likes the benefits he receives, but doesn't want any payback. I hope all the young men and women in the National Guard do not feel that way.