Speakout 5/4

Friday, May 4, 2007

To Security check not secure, since you are depositing your check into your banking account anyway, why don't you use the direct deposit feature for the check to get there at 8 o'clock in the morning and get credited to you the day it is due, and you won't be bouncing checks anymore or have to go to the bank.

To the people of Scott County, a lot of people don't realize the majority of the stores in Sikeston are in New Madrid County. Scott County would not receive the taxes from them. Wal-Mart, Lowes, Penneys, all those are in New Madrid County. Why would we put a tax in Sikeston that would not help Scott County? That's all I want to say.

I wish the government would make these boys going to school wear their clothes like they're supposed to instead of halfway off them. And I believe they should make them wear short hair or decent haircuts, instead of this ole long nappy stuff. Because they would look a lot better and they would get a better job if they would dress like a person should be instead of dressing like a bum. I wish the president would do that. That would be a very nice thing to do to make the people dress up instead of looking like bums all the time.

Someone tell me if I am all wrong, but I get so tired of hearing these people walk around and say, "Love ya" all the time. If they really love you, let them show it. Don't just say that catch phrase all the time. And another one, "Have a great day." If they really want you to have a great day, maybe they could do something in your life to make you have a great day. Tell me, am I all wet? I just get tired of everybody always saying those two catch phrases.

To the people who stole the refrigerator in East Prairie in the Powers Addition, I just wanted them to know it belonged to a young, single mother of two young children. I'm sure they did not need it worse than this family did. They can return it in the middle of the night like they stole it. Or they can leave an envelope with $110 for the mother so we can replace it. Just because they hadn't picked it up yet, did not mean it was for you to take. And to steal from another person's home is very stupid. If they choose to do neither, I hope someday you are in need and someone takes from you.