Speakout 5/6

Sunday, May 6, 2007

To the person who parked the cotton trailer filled with empty jugs and with a political sign on the side of it. The election was over several months ago. Don't you think it is time to move this eyesore. We the people of Morehouse think so. We are tired of looking at it!

A couple of nights ago my wife and I were watching American Idol. We were impressed by the way they were raising money for needy people. All of a sudden Mr. Seacrest introduces the greatest entertainer of all time and Miss Celine Dion. Elvis and Celine performed together. It was awesome. Elvis is our hero and always has been. Miss Dion, we didn't know much about before, but we are fans of hers now. That was great and we got it on tape. If you go to Elvis.com you can see it again.

McDonald's in Sikeston was giving away the Wizard of Oz figures with their Happy Meals. If anyone has a straw man that they are interested in selling, call 471-5782.

I wonder if some of these people who come out here on farmer's property go to them to ask them for permission to go arrow head hunting before they go out there on the land not knowing if anything is planted out there.

I would like to comment on the new Miner fire chief. First of all I would like to thank the city council and the mayor for appointing this man. I don't know this personally, but I have met this man a couple of times and I know he is very nice and very professional about what he does. You can tell just by talking to him that he knows what he's talking about, he knows what he's doing. It's great to say that our Miner Fire Department is coming back, it's growing back to the way it was, back to being professional. It's nice to see people there instead of being empty. Thanks to the city council and the mayor for appointing this man, Mr. Randy Allen the fire chief. I think it's time we finally got somebody back in there like before. Congratulations on your job. Keep up the good work, Mr. Allen.

Will they ever put a map in the paper again so you can tell where some of these garage sales they have are at?

Concerning the death of Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock's crash involving a wrecker assisting a car from a previous accident. Why didn't this wrecker have flashing signals placed in front, behind and beside his parked vehicle? And why didn't the St. Louis police stay on the scene until that road was completely clear? No one would expect something like that in a left lane. It was criminal negligence it seems to me on the St. Louis police and the wrecker driver.