Speakout 5/11

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We would like you to put the names of these people you are showing on the back of Lets Get Acquainted. Put it in there somewhere on the page so we can have something to start with.

It seems to me that the government could put those big farmers on a welfare check. Put their families in government housing and feed them for a lot less money than it costs to pay them to farm. It sure would help the taxpayers.

This is to the people talking about the ISLs. Yes, there are some good people but they work with those people who deserve a chance to live out on their own. But let's make it a choice for them instead of sitting on their butts for eight hours drawing a government pay. Division of Aging hours? You should be working Division of Aging hours. Don't be just sitting there and have them working while you get paid for it. Most of these people are not being treated right but they deserve a lot more than promises that aren't kept. That is what most of it is - they are promised all the time.

I just got my paper and I think I see the dumbest thing I've ever saw in my life. This grandmother who writes about her 16-year-old granddaughter being such a good girl. If she is such a good girl, she wouldn't be in the juvenile courts for the last three years. I have never heard of anybody that accidentally has a baby. If she is such a good girl then the truancy court wouldn't have to be on to her all the time. They wouldn't have to be threatening her. I don't know where you get off saying they are being so mean to her. She needs to straighten up and you need to help her with that. If she is such a good girl then don't worry about this stuff of them bugging her so much, let her get her act together. Let her stay in school and get an education so we don't have to continue to support her and her children that she continues to have.

- - -

I just finished reading, help wanted in the May 2 Speakout and had to call. The caller asked for a lawyer or anybody to give her some advice. Well, grandma, here goes. First, if your granddaughter has been involved with any court for three years, she apparently hasn't figured out that it is time to do what is expected of her and go to school. Blaming the court for enforcing the law is just plain stupid. I believe that her family should have taught her to obey the law to begin with. But I guess not since all you seem to be asking for is help to get your granddaughter out the trouble she got herself into. Second, you say she accidentally had a baby. How does that happen? I am guessing she was passing by the hospital, tripped and fell into the maternity ward and oops, what do you know, they accidentally gave her baby. No, great-grandma, it wasn't an accident, it was another bad decision by your granddaughter. The baby is a child that my tax dollars will probably pay her to raise. I guess that won't be your granddaughter's fault either, right. Next you complain that they made your granddaughter wear an orange jump suit and put her into jail. After three years of trying to get her to obey the law, all I can say it is about time. It seems to me she should get a taste of what her future is going to be like if she continues to think that laws don't apply to her. Obviously my tax dollars will go to feed and house her, too. Lastly, where have you and your family been the last three years while the judge has been trying to see to it that your granddaughter got an education? Did you personally make sure that she went to school every day like every other kid has to? I know your answer: it wasn't your fault. So now you shout about how unfair it is. You know what, at some time you have to get off your butt and act like parents to this kid. You want a good life, you got it.

Most property owners will take care of their own property with the proper access to landfills and/or a rental service in the area with small equipment or such service. Property owners do not become property owners by being lazy and wasteful. They become property owners by hard work, good management and be thankful and kind, not some give-away program. They desire to be independent and desire not to be dependent on others to do things for us that we can and should do for ourselves.