Speakout 6/2

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

We have innocent men and women in a foreign land where they face danger every day. Our sons and daughters are being brutally slaughtered, such as Nick Berg, by a group if insane people who have no remorse. My husband fought in Iraq and feared for his life. He has seen things and gone through ordeals that he would not wish on anyone. Two of his fellow Marines died before his eyes; two young men with families and loved ones fell on foreign soil by the hands of these terrorists. How dare the Standard Democrat print a story on the front page of a man stating that, "It's not really bad over there; it's just hot and dusty." How dare the Standard Democrat run a story belittling the hardship our military is going through. I'm sure the men who died in Iraq weren't spending time playing softball and soccer. Believe me, the men I know who have and are serving our country are risking their lives each and every day, not worrying about how many times they've seen "Ghost Busters." Each and every one of us need to pray not only for our troops, but also for our country.

The story was not meant to be a negative one. This story was to let everyone know the good that is being done in Iraq. The Standard Democrat did not deny the bad things that are happening in this war. The goal is to let our military personnel's family and friends know the good that is being accomplished.

If you want to come to a town that's wide open and people can ride three wheelers in town without any police involvement or play music as loud as you want to without police involvement, come to East Prairie where there's no police control at all.

I don't know who Verlin Hopper is but I read their letter. That person certainly has their head screwed on right. They want to know things everybody else wants to know. When the girl who was with Kennedy drowned, it was told that she was pregnant. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered by the Democrats. Whitewater was a crying shame. Everybody knows Bill and Hillary Clinton were the ring leaders in it but they were smart enough not to sign anything and those who signed were the ones who got caught.

I was in the hospital and was trying to get help. God answered my prayers. I would like to thank the people of my church, Smith Avenue Church of God, and everyone who helped.

Does anyone have a 50-gallon barrel with a lid that could be used for burning trash? If so, please leave a number in SpeakOut.

Whoever the hypocrite is that wants to ban gay marriages needs to wake up and smell the coffee. They're going to go other places anyway. This is the land of the free - if this is wrong, correct me. You have your own opinion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, you have everything. I'm not gay. I'm married and have a beautiful son but I have gay friends. It's their right to be gay and it's their right to be happy. If they go to hell, they go to hell. But it's their right to be happy and this person needs to shut his mouth.

I noticed that every town but New Madrid County Central High School graduates were in the paper. Why?

All schools were given the same deadline to have their graduate photos here in time for the graduation photo spread. The photo from NMCC did not arrive in time.

To the person who is looking for a diagnoses to his problems, I know a lot of people who are complaining with these symptoms. When you go to the doctor they tell you it's nerves. When you get up in the morning you feel like you have the flu. Even young people are suffering like this. I wish someone could find out what's happening to people. Maybe we will find out one of these days.