SpeakOut 6/13

Thursday, June 13, 2002

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I stopped at a fast-food restaurant today and I went through the drive-through. The total amount for my food was $9.52. I handed the lady $10.02 and she gave me $1 back. I proceeded to tell her she gave me too much change and it seemed to upset her. I explained that I should only get 50-cents back. It seemed like she got upset because I corrected her and this was a manager. They need to teach their managers and cashiers how to count back without using the register.

As I sat at Pine and East Malone the other day, the light was red and I stopped. Then the little arrow turned green for me to go across and it's a good thing I happened to look up because here came a big semi barreling down through there. If I had gone out there, I would have been hit. A guy sitting next to me in a big van was having a fit too. Then the other day I saw two vehicles, one ran a yellow light and the other one ran the red light, pulling right out in front of me. DPS, you need to send officers down there and watch before somebody gets killed at that intersection.

Has anyone else heard that McDonald's Restaurants doesn't use U.S. beef anymore? Can anyone confirm this?

We spoke with a head manager at a local McDonald's Restaurant. The manager said they have seen news articles saying the same thing, but they are using U.S. Grade A Top Choice beef.

The reason the schools are having half days on Wednesdays and the spring break is in April is to avoid all the holidays involving God.

Republican Congressional leaders just announced that they will spend three weeks and $5 million to investigate George Bush's security mistakes for the 9-11 terrorist attacks. These are the same Republican leaders that have spent three years and $40 million investigating a president for having sex with an intern. I'm glad to see they have their priorities straight. Vote Republican. The next bomb set off may be for you.

I really wish people would keep their dogs in their own yards to use the bathroom. Does anyone know if the chemicals you can buy at the store, that are supposed to repel animals from your yard and flowers, really work or is there anything else that will work better?

When following directions on a recipe, are you supposed to use the same measuring cup for dry products as you use for the liquids? Which is correct?