Speakout 3/15

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I wish our fine United States president would stop worrying about things like Social Security and get down to real problems like abortion and those gay people.

I'm calling about these people talking about Black History Month, the owners had to take care of them and feed them and things. My people, Native Americans, were treated worse than a black person ever thought about being treated. They stole our country, lied to us, we had to survive the first winters and then they turned on us. They took our land, took everything. I think we should have a Red History Month to show what the black and white have done to the red people.

Has anyone whoever worked for a person who tells you if you buy anything for a house that you rent, or if you bought it with your own money that you earned, that you can't take what you bought if you moved.

If you attach something to the property, it becomes part of the property, whether you rent or own.

I find it very ironic that the story in the Barker about judgments of teen-age mothers has spurned so many false judgments against teen-age mothers. It's crazy to think that these people are judging these people for one thing that they did wrong. Should teen-age mothers not go to school and not get an education? Should they just be hiding out recluses?

I can not believe that among Dan Rather's last word as a news man, he spoke about speaking the truth. I am glad to see your liberal butt gone.....

I'm calling in response to a call in Speakout about photo in the Barker of a pregnant teen at the Sikeston High School. That person in Speakout said we had a daycare for student babies at the high school. The daycare at the high school actually serves the children of the teachers in the district. It does not serve students' children at this time. It also is a teaching center for those student in high school who are learning how to become daycare providers. I thought this was something that should be clarified.

I'm calling in response to Tuesday, March 8's editorial by Mike Jensen criticizing Dan Rather. Mike stick to newspapers, criticize other newspapers but leave the television media alone. They are too big for you. You can't hurt them. They don't hurt you and when the other shoe drops on you and someone writes a nasty editorial about Michael Jensen and the Standard Democrat, I can't wait.