Speakout 6/20

Monday, June 20, 2005

How can a landlord kick a family out of their house when the wife is disabled and has children living there, too, under the age of three? And he only gave us 30 days. Now tell me, is that wrong.

I live in Sikeston, Mo., and I would like to know how I can get a hold of Gov. Blunt?

The governor can be written to at State Capitol, Jefferson City, 65102. His office telephone number is 573-751-3222.

People are jealous of our country because of the simple reason that we've got people that make too much money and they spend it on stuff that doesn't amount to a hill of beans and then pawn it off. Labor unions, for instance, will be a thing of the past because the rest of the companies that are labor unionized are going to get sent overseas so they can get rid of you labor union people. So you better think quick and think fast if you want to keep jobs and America keep going. Lower your wages on purpose because your making too doggone much money. Cut back on everything else and put it on a table so we can keep our businesses here in this country. For you people that runnin' this country all the jobs are going overseas. We people make $5.50 and hour you guys are getting up there with all the packages and everything else. I'm not jealous, but the fact is that I'm just as good as you are, I'm just not making your money. And your kind of thing is killing America's budget. So when you figure that out and get your budget straight, America will be stronger.

I could care less what they do with those prisoners in Guatanamo Bay. They didn't care what they did to us on Sept. 11. So I could care less what they do to them. Anything is good enough.

I was looking at this Speakout again tonight on June 10 and it is kindly comical on here that people are talking about cleaning up Matthews. This is the second time I've seen people talking about cleaning up the Gemeinhardt Gin. That was not a gin, never was, it was grain elevator and business was there. I just thought everyone would want to know the difference between a grain elevator and cotton gin.

I think that SBC or Southwestern Bell Services in Sikeston is just pathetic. They do not carry DSL capabilities on every street in Sikeston. I live less than two tenths of a mile from people who have SBC global services that are DSL capable. My street, Crowe Street, is the only street in a couple of blocks that doesn't have SBC global DSL capability. It is like a little pocket of no-man's land they forgot.

I just read the article about the problems with the Garden of Memories cemetery. About three or four years ago I got a call from them that I had been selected for a free burial plot. A few days later a man came buy with a certificate stating such. Now I wonder if I fall over dead and my wife goes to redeem it will they tell her it will be two more weeks.

I'm looking for fresh green beans. If anybody has any, put your number in the paper and I'll give you a call.

There needs to be something done about all these kids that are swimming in the man-made lake on North Ingram behind the church and the houses. There was a young lady out there pulling her bathing suit bottoms down mooning somebody out there and it was just full of kids. These children do not realize that they could get in trouble and one of them drown out there. Parents, see what your children are doing before something happens to one of them.

This is for my David that passed away nine years ago and all Michael Jackson fans. Hey, it's time to moonwalk. He is cleared of all charges, thank God.