Friday, February 1, 2002

Call 471-6636

First, let's get something straight. This is in the Jan. 21 SpeakOut column, "Time to move on." First of all, the siren wasn't on and second of all, there were four cars behind my aunt who was making a left-hand turn. Let me tell you something, whoever called in "Time to move on." If there are four behind you with lights flashing, I guarantee you, you would not see them either and you wouldn't be calling SpeakOut and saying anything either. This was not a state patrol officer. This was just a county deputy sheriff who had a little light on his dash. I guarantee you, whoever called SpeakOut, you wouldn't have seen it either. So let's put the blame where it lies. It goes on the deputy sheriff. You need to learn the facts.

So far, there has been no mention of the type of event you inquired about in the papers, and there is a whole section in our local paper concerning the Olympic events every day. I will keep you posted if anything like that should surface. I thought I was aware of all the Olympic venues, and haven't heard where such an event as that is taking place. Perhaps in the middle of the Great Salt Lake? Since most of the events are on ice, perhaps one of our other lakes. Most of them are frozen thick enough for ice fishing. The picture you paint certainly stimulates the imagination. From Salt Lake City

I'm sorry to hear that Kmart has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but people like me might tend to shop a little more at Kmart (or might shop there at all) if they didn't list idiots like Mary Tyler Moore and another lady who is a spokesperson (I can't remember her name). I'm American. The upper echelon doesn't shop there, and I don't either since they listen to them.

I'm calling about the article concerning the Bulldogs and New Madrid County Central schools. We have gone to state and we have gone that far. I don't think one team needs to down the other team. They all should be congratulating each other.

This is to the caller who said all the Sikeston police do is sit around and eat doughnuts and drink coffee all day. I had a reason to call them a couple of weeks ago and they responded quickly. They were very courteous and took care of the problem very quickly.