Speakout 5/16

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I would like to SpeakOut about Sikeston Public Schools. They waste too much money and in the Morehouse and Lee Hunter schools, the bathrooms stink because they never clean them. I went into the gym at Morehouse School one day when it was still very cold outside and the smell of urine was so bad that it almost knocked me down. They had both back doors open. They don't know how to turn the thermostat down.

To the person on Missouri Street who called about the honking bus, if it's none of my business, why are you putting it in SpeakOut?

I am calling about the Iraqi prisoners being beaten up. I find it amusingly ironic that we can go over there and kill them, but we can't beat them up a little bit.

The President says everyone will be held accountable for every abuse made. But what about him? He has caused a lot of death and harm to many people. I'm sure they have an off and on button and a mute button so we don't have to listen to his stuff. All he does is repeat over and over one lie after another. We need to get rid of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft. I think we'd all be a lot better off. It seems like nobody knows what's going on. It makes you wonder who is running the country; I think it's running itself. No wonder we had all that to happen on 9/11. Nobody gives a big rip. Let's get them out of office now.

I read about "Easy street" about food stamps and stuff. People need to just forget about it and go on. If you don't get food stamps, you don't get food stamps. But don't call the Standard Democrat with your complaints. I work for $8.75 an hour and have three kids and a wife. I get food stamps and I work my a-s-s off every day. There are times that, after we pay our bills and everything, money is very, very short. Not all food stamp recipients are lazy couch potatoes because I work my butt off. So get a life instead of complaining about it. I'm proud to walk in a store and use my food stamp card because it might be $95, but at least I can say I work for it. If the government would raise minimum wage, more people would be off that and not get $400 a month (I get less than $100). Some of your friends probably get food stamp cards, too. Just drop it. Some of us do work for a living.

Did you ever stop to think the person you saw buying items with food stamps may have lost their job due to the closing of their employer? Did you think that the person may have always been a hard worker and always had a job? Also, this person may have forgotten his or her pin number because they had other things on their mind. Why should we thank you? I still pay my taxes just like you do. I am a temporary fix for my family and I'm glad at this time in my life to have help. I don't need commodities but if you do, you can get them at the corner of South Kingshighway and Murray Lane.