Speakout 7/7

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

I thought the total Order of the Police is not really affiliated with the police. It seems I read something about that in the paper. They called me (a blocked caller) and asked if I supported law enforcement. I told them I've been supporting them since I was 16 with fines, fines and more fines. They take my money from me. I'm not going to give it voluntarily.

I read Michael Jensen's comment in the June 27 editorial and I am shocked. He said we need to depopulate Sikeston and force some residents to move elsewhere. I knew Mr. Jensen was a conservative, but I did not know he was a fascist. In Germany, during the 1940s, they used these same arguments on the Jewish people. That was fascism then and this is fascism in Sikeston, a very, very dangerous thing.

In the June 27 paper, "Stories of the year," they mentioned all the local high school achievements in sports. They told about the state qualifiers and how these sports teams placed. One thing strikes me that is not there. The Sikeston High School cheerleaders placed first in the entire state last November. They made more points than any other squad competing and not just the most points out of their category. Now you can't tell me that's not an accomplishment, especially since they hadn't won state in seven years. Why the Sikeston, or even New Madrid or East Prairie cheerleaders were not mentioned but other school accomplishments were, is beyond me. Why was this not mentioned? They deserve recognition along with the other sports issues. I know they worked hard for a state title and this past year, they got it. So the next time you print high school achievements in the paper, please think about this.

Does anybody know if pink cider in a can is from snakes or not? I like pink cider, but I don't want to be known the rest of my life as a snake.

SpeakOut doesn't know, but when you go to the store, read the ingredients on the can.

I would like to compliment the Revs. Maxey Schrieber and Jason Schrieber for the beautiful service they conducted at Ponder Funeral Home a couple of weeks ago. They were very organized; and to Jason, for the beautiful songs. They said you had prerecorded your songs on tape. I loved the way you played "Go Rest High On that Mountain" on your acoustic guitar and sang it. You have a beautiful voice and are very talented with your music. God bless both of you.

I am looking to buy "Songs of Faith and Hope" song books. They are out of print and our church as a few and would like to add to our count. We know they are old, but if all the pages are there we may be able to repair them. Please call 649-3258 or 649-2719 if you can help.

A couple of weeks ago they busted a bunch of businesses in Sikeston for having illegal gaming machines. I know of two places that were warned ahead of time. They pulled their machines and didn't get busted. Some places that were busted are back at it again and their machines are going again. If you will give me the number of ATF, I will call and tell them.

Make a complaint with DPS at 471-4711. It will be up to them to contact ATF for you. All information will be kept confidential.

This is addressed to the commissioners of Mississippi County. Are you going to finish your job on Road 535? It sure does need it? This road is in bad shape. The dust every day, I just wish you had to eat it.