Speakout 7/4

Sunday, July 4, 2004

I love it when I see a SpeakOut from the Clinton haters out there. Poor baby, you are so jealous. He really got to you, didn't he? The majority of Americans admire his brilliance and competence in spite of his moral failings and would elect him again. I wonder how many times George Bush got behind the wheel of a car back in his 20 years of drunkenness. That's worse than anything Bill Clinton did. Your name calling and ridicule are childish and indicative of your frustration. I understand.

You can almost tell when you are going to write one of your bashing Democrats articles. George Bush just canceled the negative ads he has been running against John Kerry (all of which were nothing but lies). The reason he canceled them, they were working more in John Kerry's favor than they were his - seven points ahead of Bush - I believe it. Their mistake and yours too, you think people are all crazy, that they don't know their own minds. What I really can't believe is you and all the other brainwashed Republicans can forgive that man in the White House for all the stuff he has done since he's been there: Getting over 800 people killed for his glory war and the fact he hasn't done anything for the hard working people. What would this country be if it wasn't for them? The richest of the rich didn't make this country. What it is, it was the poor working people. To anybody who has someone in Iraq and they would like to get them home, they should be helping to get that man out of the White House. I heard him say this war could last 10 years. If 800 people have already died, how many would die in 10 years? Doesn't that thought of that send a signal?

What about this Kerry ad that we all have a right to health care. Yeah, we have a right to health care. But we also have a right to earn it and those who don't, don't get Medicaid!

So the Bushes do have oil wells, but the Kerrys have a whole island. So what's he doing for money? He's going around begging for all that he can, he runs everything down that's being done - this doesn't get done and that doesn't get done. What's he going to do about it? He doesn't say anything about what he's going to do, just gripes about what's not being done. I would like to see him get up there and do something instead of griping about everything else.

It sometimes ruffles my feathers when people from larger towns expect small, rural communities to be populated by backward, banjo-eyed hillbillies and rednecks. Then again when two fireworks stands misspell "gimmick," maybe they have a point.

Mike Marshall, please answer one question. A while back when the health department wanted to build on Highway 60, the fine leaders of Sikeston said they did not want it there because it would make what was a nice entrance to town look like the east side. Well, sir, if the east side looks so bad, why do you want Miner so badly? In case you don't know your directions, Miner is on the east side.

Now that we've hashed and rehashed the spandex obesity problem in clothing, could we please come to one more fashion question. When did it become acceptable to wear shorts and T-shirts in the workplace? There have been several pictures in the paper of women in managerial positions giving or receiving checks for various charity community projects. Yes, it's hot outside ladies, but if you would look in the mirror before having your picture taken, I think the word "tacky" might come to mind. The only women who dressed professionally in recent pictures are those from Beta Sigma Phi and the cancer society. Perhaps some could take a clue from these two and remember that they are representing their organization, and the image they are projecting in their attire isn't a positive one.