SpeakOut 6/25

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I'm sorry for the family of the boy who got killed at Cape, especially sorry that he was drinking. But I'm also sorry for the guy who was driving the truck. He was trying to work and has to live with that for the rest of his life. I think he and the family should find out who sold the boy the liquor and find out who made it and sue them just like they're suing people about the tobacco company. I don't think it's right for people to make liquor and sell liquor and then do nothing about it. It's bad when someone loses his life by drinking like that. It's also bad that the guy, every time he crawls into his truck to make a living, he will be thinking about it.

I was at Garden of Memories Cemetery today in Sikeston. It is disgraceful. I noticed this year and last year for sure that they mow occasionally, they hardly ever weed-eat. For an example, tomorrow is Father's Day and the weeds have grown up around the graves. There were several women out there trimming the graves themselves and complaining. Something needs to be done about the upkeep of our loved-ones' graves.

I am receiving notices about Charter Cable Internet Service. In January, we had cable installed and were told they required payment for installation at the time of service. We gladly paid, and now, six months later, we are still trying to get them to bury the cable which stretches across our entire backyard. I wonder what kind of Internet service we'd get. Does the city have any control over this monopoly?

I was listening to some people talking in Vanduser. That's the worst town there is. They ridicule and gossip about people before they even find out if anything's the truth or not.

Does anyone know if the Bridges Community is having their reunion on the Saturday following the Fourth of July? They had one last year and it was really a great time.

It's nice to see Mike Jensen's propaganda machine is running smoothly. I noticed all the drug arrests in this so-called newspaper lately mentioned the assistant prosecuting attorney in Scott County. Must be election time. Thanks, Jensen, for showing us how freedom of the press works for a Republican.

The story you are referring to included a direct quote from the assistant prosecutor, which is why his name was included.