SpeakOut 3/20

Thursday, March 20, 2003

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The code enforcers are back out again, looking, but they are finding people who are cleaning their yards. They aren't going where people don't do any cleaning in their yards. They need to be equal in Sikeston. If you're going to fine one person, you ought to fine everybody.

I would like to SpeakOut about the Riggs store that they said was going to be build. They have the land bought and ready to build on. If you guys are waiting on the economy to get better, you may not need to wait on that. It might be another year or two. I'd like to see you go ahead and build that store. Make it as big as the one that burned, or bigger. I would also like to see you have an increased supply of roofing supplies in the new store. I would like to see you expand your line of roofing products. The time is right. You guys know better than I do, but I'd like to see you get relocated in Sikeston. Don't worry about your competition in Sikeston. They aren't going to put you out of business.

People in the 300 block of Edmondson Street need to mind their own business. So what if the lady is remodeling her house and it's taking forever. I imagine she wishes it would hurry up and get done, too. They're just trying to save a little money by doing it themselves. If they are hammering and banging after 10 p.m. I think you have a legitimate gripe. But if not, just mind your own business.

I believe the problems we're having with Iraq today are serious problems because we're going to lose a lot of young people if we have to attack Iraq. I believe the problems need to be laid on George Bush, president in 1991. He had this dictator, this maniac Saddam Hussein, but he backed off. We're praying for President George W. Bush. I blame all these problems on Bush senior. If he had gotten this maniac back in those days, we wouldn't be faced with this problem now. We don't want to see any of our young military personnel lose their lives because of a mistake that was made 12 years ago. God bless America and let's continue to pray for our military personnel (not only ours but for the British, also).

John McMillen, I enjoyed reading your article in the Standard Democrat. You laid down the law and stated the facts. It's all true.

I'm calling about the economy. I think the government should take some cuts like everybody else. The government, and even Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney could take cuts to help the economy, help the poor. They want the poor to take cuts and then do away with our jobs and insurance. When we lose our jobs, we lose our insurance. It wouldn't hurt them one bit to cut down on something.

I recently bought a scanner so I could hear what's going on in Sikeston, especially since I live on the west end of town where they're booming all this music. The calls do go out, but there's one officer who doesn't wait for a call. He stops them all by himself. He works on the evening shift. I don't know his name, but I'm very proud of him. He will stop these people and give them a ticket.

Can anyone explain why diesel fuel prices are higher than super premium unleaded?

We checked with a couple of local fuel providers. Neither knew what determined the change but the wholesale cost on diesel fuel today is higher than wholesale premium unleaded fuel costs.