SpeakOut 9/2

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The differences between Republican and Democrat politicians are negligible. The primary goal of both is to protect their seat in government. However, their approaches to achieve this goal are very different. The Republicans' approach is "Let them eat cake, if they can afford it, but they can't have any of ours and we control the price." In this instance "them" and "they" mean middle/working class Americans, and "we" and "ours" mean the Republicans' rich and influential friends and party leadership. The Democrats' approach is "Let them make a cake, which we will take from them, keep a slice for ourselves, and redistribute the rest to those who will vote to keep us in power." Here, "them" means middle/working class Americans, "those who" refers to the entitlement dependent class, and "ourselves" and "us" refer to the Democrats' rich and influential friends and party leadership. Until we vote every Republican and Democrat out of office and reinstate our representative form of government, we will continue to be used by them to meet their selfish ends. Here, "we" and "our" refer to middle/working class Americans, and we all know who "them" and "their" refer to.

This is for the person who talked about Operation Wetback. You only know what the government wants you to know about the 13 million illegal aliens in this country. What they don't tell you is that there is nobody else willing to work outside in 110 degree weather. It's not because the pay is little, they get paid pretty good. It's just the American people who don't want to do it. Who were the people New Orleans had to thank for rebuilding the city, not very many. There were more illegal aliens on one job than Americans. The fact is American society and economy wouldn't survive without them. The 13 million illegal aliens work hard for their money and don't get to declare income tax at all. That's millions of dollars free for the government which I'm sure helps pay for Americans' welfare and food stamps every month. But they're too lazy to go out and get a job. Maybe they should go out and pick the watermelons and produce in 110 degree weather.

The American people need to boycott the Atlanta Falcons and all other sports teams for knowingly hiring thugs and devils like Mike Vick. If he was doing the dog fighting at his estate for six years, they had to have known what was going on. No excuses and I don't give a *(^%$# about the business end of the business they're in, which is exploiting people, tempting the public to gamble. The CEOs of these sports teams are devils themselves. Bring them down, shut them down.

This is to Liar, liar, the person who wrote about Barry Bonds and George Bush. Well I am the person who said it. I was born with a condition, that I cannot write and other things too. And Bush vetoed the only thing that would cure my condition with embryonic stem cell. Now you tell me who's mean, hateful and ought to be in jail. It's George Bush.