SpeakOut 4/23

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Call 471-6636

I am looking for someone who can build an enclosed case for military medals and records. Please leave a phone number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

To the lady who wants to have her yard maintained this year, I will be glad to do it for a reasonable price. Call me at 471-2516.

Someone called SpeakOut looking for someone to maintain her yard. My husband will be doing that kind of work. Call 481-0150.

This is to the woman who is wanting yard work done. Please call 472-2943 and ask for Leroy.

What are kids supposed to do on all these dances they have when a lot of families can't afford to go out and buy expensive dresses and tuxes? There are a lot of kids who miss out on a lot of school things, or get made fun of because they can't afford it. This is not right.

They complain about yards being junked up, but if you have appliances or stuff you want to get rid of, there is no place here to get rid of it. Where are you supposed to get rid of it?

For appliances, you can call Paul's Incorporated on Highway 62 east at 471-5812. Paul's will accept washers, dryers and appliances that have compressors (compressors must be removed first). They do not accept microwave ovens. You can also check out the classified ads in the Standard Democrat for people who haul junk.

Bill Clinton was just on TV and said he can't say what he thinks. He is criticizing the White House. He's the one who got the U.S. in the mess in the first place. He ought not to show his face. His wife wants to be president. She is too much of a crook like him. He had his chance, so bye-bye, Clinton.

Good citizens of Sikeston, beware. If you have a water leak the day before a holiday, bank on them not being able to turn off your water the day before a holiday. In my case, they said they had to replace a cut-off valve. So how could they turn off my water if they don't have a cut-off valve on Good Friday. I work and everyone else I know works, but they were off on Good Friday. They would charge $95 today (Good Friday) or $35 on a regular week day or $90 on the weekend. So make sure you have a working cut-off valve or a key so you can turn it off yourself. You can purchase the key at a local hardware store for about $3. And be sure you turn off your water heater so it doesn't run dry, which can ruin the unit.