SpeakOut 10/17

Friday, October 17, 2003

Call 471-6636

I, too, wanted to call and congratulate you on the thing you started out being really good, the Christmas Campaign. It was a really good thing when it started. But it's just like everything else. The same people are getting everything over and over and it is going from generation to generation. That's why Sikeston is in such a shape as it is in. That's like adults get arrested, then their children get arrested and then their children get arrested. No parent, no fathers, no one married. Sikeston is the worst economical city I have ever seen in my life. The Section 8 Housing where these girls move their boyfriends in and they have numerous children by numerous men, and we are all paying for it. No one is working. You can go around Sikeston any time of day and you can see young people standing on the corners. Sikeston is paying for their housing, they get their food, they go to different places and get money for their bills. Yet we work and can barely make it and try to be a success in Sikeston. We have got to start raising these people to work and get off this system. If you do away with the Christmas Campaign altogether, I think it would be a good thing.

When I call a certain friend of mine, it is a long distance call for me. This person dominates the call and then has the audacity to put me on "hold" to answer another call on the call-waiting line. Duh! I'm paying long distance. I'm not there when you come back on my call.

Something has got to be done with the west end of this town. It is ridiculous to call officers who are off-duty all hours of the day and night to corral the same bunch of people who are in the paper over and over for going to court for the same things: disturbing the peace, fighting, loud music. This is uncalled for and the officers are having to work overtime. We have a good chief and we have a good bunch of officers, but we're not going to be able to keep them if something is not done with these people. The adults are not taking care of their children, the adults are not taking care of themselves, they're disrespectful to other people and their privacy and property. Something has to be done at the west end. It isn't all over Sikeston. You can go just beyond the tracks and that is where all this mess is coming from. Get rid of Section 8 housing and you'll get rid of this riffraff of people.

Thanks to Rep. Lanie Black to helping Mississippi County economy out by getting it so the local stores can accept the Illinois Link Card. Lanie Black is a nice guy and a good representative for our counties. I am from Charleston.

I am a Medicaid recipient but I cannot find a doctor who will take me. They gave me six pages of paper work of dentists and doctors, but when I call, they aren't taking more patients. What are we supposed to do? We need more doctors for Medicaid.

I'm calling about the woman in Morehouse who needs her yard raked. I will be glad to help (she will need to furnish a rake). Call me at 667-9087.

To the idiot who compared Osama bin Laden as a fine man compared to George Bush on the heading "Bush and the economy" in the Oct. 13 paper, you're breathing valuable oxygen that somebody with some sense could be taking advantage of.

The House of Prayer Independent Baptist Church at Grant City has set up a trailer to collect aluminum cans. Proceeds from the sale of the cans will be donated to the Kenny Rogers Children's Center. We would like for everyone who has cans to bring them out and put them in the trailer. We will sure appreciate it. We want to help those kids all we can. Please put this in SpeakOut so everybody will know it.