Speakout 8/23

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We live in the vicinity of 700 block of East Gladys. We have lost a little dog. He is black and brown. He looks like a wienie dog but he is part Chihuahua and miniature Doberman and he answers to the name of Buster. If anyone has found him please bring him home. His owner has been out looking for him for two days. We miss him a lot.

I was reading the Speakout article about no dealers at yard sales. I'm about to have a yard sale and I have no idea what a dealer looks like. What do they look like?

I would like to Speakout about animal cruelty. These people will get these little puppies then tie them out in this terrible heat and go off and leave them. The little things are eat up with mosquitoes and everything else out there. I pray that before someone sells a little animal to someone that they will do a background check on them, just like they do on people who adopt. And not let people have these little animals. And if they find out after they have sold them to someone that they are abusing and mistreating them, they will be able to come and pick them up or have the dog catchers pick them up and bring them in.

This is response to the person who didn't know how to report fraud for Social Security. There is an office of the Social Security Administration that handles that. It is found on the Web at http://www.ssa.gov/oig/hotline/index.htm. That is the office of the inspector general for Social Security Administration. There is a phone number that they list there as well. It is 1-800-269-0271.

People keep saying that we went to Iraq to find out if there were weapons of mass destruction. Well, evidently there are or people wouldn't be getting bombed over there. I don't think you can bomb somebody with just a little bullet. Evidently they aren't as massive as people think they are but they are mass destruction because something is killing their people and ours.

I would like to Speakout about the dogs in Grant City. You can't get down the road out without fear of the dogs. They are in everybody's yard. I know they mess up people's yards that don't even have dogs. It looks to me like they could pick them up. We pay our taxes and everything but still they can't pick up the dogs and do anything with them. Please do something about the dogs, the dogs drive us nuts out here.

I would like to have the number of the lady that you had in the Speakout who had some possums and she wanted to know about snakes if they are coming into her house. She can call me at 481-0322 and ask for Thelma.